Top 5 travel cots

Mumsnetters choose their top travel cots for when you're on the go

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1. BabyBjorn Travel Cot Light, £199.99

This lightweight, stylish travel cot does everything you need it to, and it's worth every penny.

"Fabulous: easy to assemble, lovely and cosy, and slightly suspended so gives a little rocking movement when they move."

"I've struggled with various travel cots in the past - flimsy or rock hard mattresses, complicated (or impossible) folding mechanisms, or crushingly heavy to carry. I wish I'd just spent the extra money on something like this when my first child was born. At just 6kgs, you can sling it over your shoulder and still pick up the baby with the other hand. It unfolds super easily and (this was the clincher) folds back down again in seconds too."

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2. Phil & Ted's Traveller, £159.99


Highly portable, although expensive, the Phil & Ted's Traveller cot is perfect for slinging in the back of the car for trips away from home.

"We stumped up for this - we need something we can fly with but that's sturdy enough for prolonged use as family live overseas. It packs in to a shoulder bag and is uber-portable. It has a inflatable mattress (blow up) that fits inside the base and seems perfectly comfortable. It even comes with anchor spikes if you chose to take it to the beach or camping."

"This is the only genuinely portable travel cot that I have found. It is very light and folds up very small. I found it quite easy to put up the first time and now it's an absolute breeze."

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3. BabyDan Travel Cot, £64.99


This is easy to assemble with plenty of room for your baby to stretch out in.

"We love our BabyDan. It's very easy to assemble and once up feels sturdy."

"It's a bit longer than some travel cots, which is perfect if you have a tall child like us. One thing to note - it is a little heavier than some other travel cots but can be pulled along on its wheels when you're on the move."

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4. Red Kite Sleep Tight, £39.95


Excellent value for money and good for frequent use, Red Kite's travel cot can be used as a regular sleeping cot at a grandparent's or childminder's house.

"We use this travel cot as a playpen as well and it does the job. There's lots of different travel cots on the market at a much higher price but this one definitely ticks all the boxes and is a bargain!"

"Our daughter sleeps in this at her nanny's house one day a week, and we also took it on holiday for a week. It is quick and easy to put up (once you get the hang of it) and to fold back down. The mattress is not luxurious, but it does the job."

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5. Nuna Sena Travel Cot, £160


The Nuna Sena cot is solidly built and reliable - the price really does guarantee the quality.

"It's not the lightest travel cot, but it's sturdy, comfortable and an absolute breeze to put up and down! We love it."

"Wanted to get a travel cot for full time use with an added mattress. We went everywhere trying to look at cots but were initially very disappointed till we found this one. It was the only one which felt really solid and firm. I managed to put it up on my own in 5 minutes and it packs away with the bassinet."

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Prices correct as of 31/03/16

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