Top 5 high chairs: Mumsnet recommendations

The humble high chair is an essential bit of baby kit, and it's never looked better. These are the best on the market, recommended by Mumsnetters

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1. Stokke Tripp Trapp, £159

Billed as 'the chair that grows with the child', the Stokke Tripp Trapp can be used from weaning through to adulthood, thanks to its ingenious and chic Scandi design.

"Using the different attachments, I have used it for a newborn and as a spare chair at a dinner party - just by turning an alan key."

"Ours have been used every day for 10 and 12 years - the adults use them just as often as kids now, they are very comfy."

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2. Ikea Antilop, £26.44

Mumsnet Best Buy: It's no surprise that Ikea's high chair is a firm favourite with Mumsnetters - it represents great value for money and is easily dismantled for storage or transportation.

"So versatile - this is a must have for camping, visits to friends, lunch in the garden. The legs detach easily and it's so easy to clean."

"My baby is comfy in the seat - she used to slide down to a slouch in her previous chair, but the post between legs keeps her nice and upright."

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3. OXO Tot Sprout Chair, £169.95

Another chair that can be adapted as your child grows, the Tot Sprout is available in a range of colours and the handy tray can be removed for easy cleaning.

"Very simple to put together - ours was out of the box and built in just 15 minutes without rushing. It's strong, sturdy and beautifully made."

"Looks great, but it's also so solid and so comfy for my daughter. The table top can be removed using one hand for cleaning, and the seat lining comes off to allow for the removal of errant raisins."

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4. Brother Max Scoop Chair, £249.99

Stylish and modern, the Brother Max Scoop swivels 360 degrees - ideal if you have a smaller kitchen. It also has casters on the base for ease of movement and can be adjusted into a stool for older children. 

"It's super easy to adjust, and the tray is the ideal shape and size to allow my five-month-old son to play comfortably without losing his toys every two seconds."

"It's easy to clean, very durable, looks fabulous and more importantly it's comfortable - my daughter loves it."

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5. BabyBjorn High chair, £144.09

No need for straps - the tray on the BabyBjorn locks easily to keep wriggly children from climbing out, and detaches for easy cleaning. It also folds neatly for storage.

"The table is snug against my son's tummy, so no food goes on his lap. When it comes to cleaning the high chair, there are no nooks and crannies for food to get stuck in, and no straps to get coated in food mush."

"It is easy to use, easy to clean, easy to store, and baby is so happy in it from a young age."

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Prices correct as of 10/03/16

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