5 of the best rated manual breast pumps

Marginally less likely to make you feel like a dairy cow hooked up for milking, these manual pumps are particularly useful if you're expressing on the go or only occasionally


If you're only interested in expressing occasionally or are looking for a product that you can use on the go or take into the office, then you'll probably be considering a manual breast pump. On the upside you won't need to get batteries or plug it in anywhere, but you might want to consider the following attributes: 

Comfort - does it have a soft/padded suction cup 
Ease of use - how easy it is to pump?
Ergonomics - has it been designed for both left and right handed use?
Size and weight - if you're using it on the go, is it lightweight enough to carry out in a handbag for instance? 
Cleaning - is it easy to take apart and clean?

1. Philips Comfort Avent Manual Breast Pump, £25.03

Mumsnet Best Buy: One of the most comfortable pumps on the market. Mumsnetters make particular mention of the Avent Natural's cushioned suction pad.

"More comfortable than other pumps I've used. No pinching or bruising at all yet the action is firm enough to get a good amount of milk."

2. Medela Harmony Single Manual Breast Pump, £24.99

Lightweight and portable, the Medela is handy if you travel, or aren't a very frequent expresser. A rubber cover on the handle makes it very comfortable to use.

"The kit comes with a special teat which is supposed to be very close to the breast for exclusively breastfed babies. It worked a treat."

3. Lansinoh Manual Breast Pump, £19.99

This easy-to-use pump can be adjusted to two different phases, depending on whether you're aiming to initiate or maximise milk flow.

"The suction action yields really good amounts of milk painlessly and effortlessly. Compliments breastfeeding without affecting my supply."

4. Boots Baby Manual Breast Pump, £12.99

Looking for a budget breast pump for occasional use? For frugal expressers this Boots own-brand pump is on the money.

"Effective and great value for occasional use."

5. Ardo Amaryll Manual Breast Pump, £17.95

Ardo pride themselves on the gentleness of their pump. This has also been ergonomically designed so it can be easily used whether you're right or left-handed.

"As, if not more, effective than the electric pump and it has the benefit of being a 'closed system' so is far more hygienic."

Prices correct as of 21/06/16

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