Top 5 slow cookers

Slow cookers are a godsend, especially in the winter: just whack in all the ingredients in the morning, and by teatime you've got a cosy roast or stew. Here are the top five slow cookers recommended by Mumsnetters.

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1. Asda ESC-30 Brushed Steel Slow Cooker, £14.00

Cheap, cheerful and utterly reliable, Mumsnetters love it.

"I love this slow cooker. It's not fancy with loads of extras, but it does exactly what it says on the box.... cooks slowly!!"

"It consists of only 3 parts a glass lid, black ceramic pot and a brushed steel outer so it is also easy to clean and the pot is dishwasher safe. The other great thing about this is it is so simple to use: there's only one switch with three positions, low, high and off."

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2. Mr D's Eco-Friendly Thermal Cooker, £89.95

Not only is it good for the environment, it saves you money on gas/electricity bills, too!

"It's like a huge flask, really well insulated. Once the food is hot after simmering for 10-15 min it finishes cooking without any more heat."

"You simply put all your ingredients in your 'One Pot Meal' into the pot and heat it on the hob until it is hot. Then you remove from the hob and place the pot into its thermal container, close and seal the lid and leave until ready to eat. NO POWER source needed! It retains the heat that continues to cook your lovely meal."

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3. Breville Stainless Steel 3.5L Slow Cooker, £45.99 

Easy to use and easy to clean--especially useful when you're making stews and roasts.

"Just got one for Christmas and used it twice, it's amazing - fool-proof (even with a baby brain!)"

"Easy to clean and it actually cooks your food (unlike my previous slow cooker where the food I cooked was still raw when I got home)!"

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4. Russell Hobbs Slow Cooker, £24.99

Reliable, versatile and good quality: what more could you ask for?

"We have only started using this recently and it is a godsend. Simplicity itself to use. We have found it also works well with most brands of vegetarian sausages."

"Big and fantastic - keeps me sane thinking about what's in it when I've had a long day and still have to rustle up tea. Makes jam, soup, stews, curries - the only thing it can't do is roast a chicken or pay me a compliment."

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5. Crock Pot Saut, £39.99

Can be used on the hob and in the oven as well as traditionally - and it's stylish too.

"I love that you can brown meat in this slow cooker before you put it on for the long haul - it saves on using a separate saute pan."

"It is so simple to use - in fact I'm not really sure how you could mess it up."

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Prices are correct as of 24/6/16

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