Double buggies can be a life-saver if you have more than one small child to cart around – here are the best ones available on the market, as rated by Mumsnetters.

Double buggies buyer’s guide – what you need to know

Why might I need one?

If you find yourself in possession of more than one small child, a double buggy can be a lifesaver. Designed to transport two children comfortably, many are suitable for either twins or siblings with an age gap. There are also models that can be converted from a single pushchair to a double – perfect if you like the idea of a buggy that grows with your family, or want to be able to use a baby carrier as well as a pushchair on occasion.

Things to consider when buying

Things to consider when buying a double buggy

  • How much does it weigh?
  • Can you fold it one-handed?

  • Will it fit in the car/on public transport/through the door easily?

  • Is it front or parent facing, or adjustable?

  • Where will you be using it?

The best baby carriers and slings as rated by Mumsnetters

1. iCandy Peach Blossom 3

Why: The iCandy Peach Blossom 3 is popular largely due to its versatility – it can be converted from a single buggy to a double with ease, so it’s a perfect pushchair to start out with if you plan on having more than one child. It also features a spacious storage basket, perfect for trips to the shop or just storing all the inevitable baggage that comes with two small children.

“It folds incredibly well and it's so easy to push! One of the only double pushchairs out there that are easy to put together, change the position of seat units and still have plenty of space for storage.”

2. Baby Jogger City Mini Double

Why: An excellent option whether you’ve got twins or a newborn and an older child. This forward-facing pushchair is easy to fold, and there’s no need for carry cots as the seats lie flat.

“This double buggy glides along effortlessly. It has a simple quick-fold mechanism, which makes it great to travel with. The wheels are hardy and make the school run much easier, as it manoeuvres up and down pavements beautifully.”

3. Joovy Caboose Ultralight

Why: The Joovy Caboose is a great option if you have a toddler on your hands. There's a rear seat and built-in buggy board, which are perfect if your little one is a bit indecisive. It's also designed to be portable – the lightweight frame enables it to fold up small, meaning fitting it in the car is child's play.

“Everything about it is just so easy to operate.”

4. Mountain Buggy +One

Why: This versatile pushchair can be altered depending on your needs. It's suitable for a single baby, a baby and a toddler, two toddlers, or one toddler plus storage for bags – perfect for days out. It also boasts a one-handed fold and manoeuvrability even on difficult terrain.

“It is robust, easy to manoeuvre (I can steer it one-handed to enter a shop, but also runs easily over grass) – my son loves it, and it's easy to get him in and out.”

5. Berry Shop Duo

Why: The Berry Shop Duo is a bit of a behemoth at 78cm wide, but if you like the idea of a side-by-side pushchair, it's a good option. The added bonus comes in the form of the kit you actually get for your money – carry cots, removable bag, car seats, and rain covers are all included as standard.

“I've had it for 3 months now and so far so good – easy to steer, smooth to ride it and looks fantastic!”

6. Zeta Vooom Twin Stroller

Why: Suitable for twins or a baby and toddler, the Zeta is fully adjustable with two lie-flat seats and a rain cover. It also boasts an 'umbrella design' fold, meant to be ideally suited for those who have to negotiate staircases or public transport with their buggy in hand.

“It's similar to the single version, but quite a bit more sturdy. It's very easy to fold and fits nicely on its side in the car boot. It's a good quality buggy.”

7. Kidz Kargo Discovera Tandem

Why: The air wheels are designed to make even difficult terrain easy to navigate, and there's storage space underneath. The front seat is suitable from six months, whilst the back is suitable from birth – and lies flat as required.

“It was great on our holiday to Cornwall and even managed the harder sand on the beach! The rain cover was great when it rained unexpectedly – they both fell asleep in it, so I am assuming it's comfortable.”

8. Britax B-Agile Double

Why: A side-by-side stroller compact enough to fit through a standard doorway, the Britax is designed with young families in mind. Both seats lie flat, and it's freestanding when folded, which is particularly handy when you're out and about.

“I never expected to find a side-by-side buggy that would (a) fit through my front door, (b) take up less space in my car boot than my old two-piece single travel system and (c) make me smile at how easy it is to expand and collapse. But the Britax B-Agile double does this!”

9. Adventure Buggy

Why: Whilst the Adventure Buggy can be used for carrying two babies, or a baby and a toddler – there's an added extra in the form of the buggy board.

“It's easy to push, the top seat is great as you can chat to your toddler. Good sized shopping basket underneath and loads of pockets to put your baby bits in. It works for newborns, and we are still using ours now the twins are two and their older brother is three.”

10. Phil and Ted Dash

Why: Perfect for families with a baby and toddler, the Dash has four different modes designed to fit your needs. However, its biggest selling point is manoeuvrability – innovative tyres ensure a smooth ride, and thanks to the light frame, getting over street kerbs is a breeze.

“Easy to steer and lighter than other doubles. Good on uneven surfaces and easy to swivel.”