Best Lightweight Stroller 2017

Silver Cross Reflex

With our testing, we covered a lot of ground - 450 miles to be exact. After weeks of wheeling, tipping and folding, the Silver Cross Reflex came out on top.

Monday 30 October 2017
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Although the Reflex is at the higher end of the price range, its quality and long lifespan make it well worth the money. For a lightweight stroller it’s surprisingly robust and can handle most terrains with ease. The fold is also a doddle – a traditional umbrella that takes up minimal storage space. Suitable from birth to 25kg and with a range of innovative extras included, this stroller is a smooth rider with a classy design.

The Reflex is the smoothest operator in the category. Lightness and full suspension mean it has no problem with rough terrain and tricky curbs. Even the inevitable odd bump won’t be felt by your child, as the ergonomic backrest is designed not to touch the framework. This is good for any tot, but especially younger babies; the smoothness of the ride is perfect for encouraging naps on the go.

The Reflex is great if you have multiple kids, as it’s suitable for all ages from birth to 25kg. This makes it the longest lasting stroller in the category, something our tester appreciated when she was able to use it for both her newborn and her 3.5 year old toddler. The Reflex’s infant set up, which is all included in the price, comes with a padded seat cover and head support for your new baby. This head hugger was a big favourite with our tester’s three-month-old who is used to a carrycot, and it definitely helped with her transition to a stroller.

A number of other extras are also included, which goes some way to justifying the Reflex’s higher price. As well as the infant padding, there’s a decent sized UPF 50+ hood and a padded footmuff. It also comes with car seat adaptors, moving the stroller more into travel system territory. However, these are only compatible with the Silver Cross Simplicity infant car seat, so may not be an added bonus for everyone.

Having initially used the Reflex on holiday, we are now using it daily. I highly recommend this very sleek, easy-to-use, overall perfect pushchair!

We were also impressed with the recline, controlled by a very slick handle that can move it anywhere from upright to flat. The harness is a secure five-pointer. The storage is also great with a shopping basket that is more than big enough for everyday essentials. We could also hang a changing bag off the handles without the stroller tipping over – a basic requirement for any parent.

As for aesthetics, the Reflex may not turn heads like the brightly coloured Babyzen Yoyo+, but that’s not the aim here. Silver Cross prides itself on its understated but timeless design. And frankly, the quality of the stroller is unmistakable. The padded cover, the iconic shape of the hood and the silver finish on the handles all highlight the quality of the Silver Cross brand.

£185 is a lot for a lightweight pushchair (though nowhere the most expensive). We feel the Reflex is an excellent all-rounder, and its long life and impressive extras makes it worth the extra cash. And that’s without the fact that it can be used instead of a travel system, many of which cost upwards of £600 (plus the cost of an extra lightweight stroller that you’d presumably go on to buy).

The Specs

Suitable from: Birth – 25 kg
Weight: 8.5 kg
Folded dimensions: L35 x W35 x H86 cm
RRP: £225 at time of review
Estimated resale value: £113 on average at time of review

Available in a range of colours including sand, vintage red, vintage blue, vintage pink, black and chilli.

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