Best Double Buggy for Two Under Twos 2017

Bugaboo Donkey2

Bugaboo's latest update to the Donkey doesn't disappoint

Expertly designed to grow with a family, the Donkey2 can be bought either as a Twin (£1,367 gets you two seats, carrycots, etc.) or Mono & Duo (£999 gets you one seat and carrycot – you’ll have to buy the second seat separately for £150, carrycot and sun canopy not included). Both models are the same buggy – the only difference is what comes with it.

The Donkey2 can be used either as a single (with a storage basket sitting next to your child) or a double, which can be configured with any combination of carry cots, seats and car seats as required. The carrycots convert to seats so there is no need for additional expenditure as each child grows, and each seat can be either parent- or world-facing for maximum flexibility.

Switching between seat configurations is brilliantly smooth and easy. You can go from Duo to Mono by removing one of the seats and activating a switch, allowing you to slide half of the chassis into the other half with a satisfying click. While the Mono Donkey2 is still wider than a single buggy, it’s very handy to have the extra storage space – so convenient in fact that it’s almost worth turfing a toddler out of the buggy to walk around the supermarket unfettered.

The Donkey2’s deep seat provides plenty of room for a toddler's comfort, and the one-handed lever recline makes the seat easy to adjust. On top of this, the Donkey2 is a travel system, and car seats can be clicked on easily the same way you’d attach the buggy seat (though keep in mind that the car-seat connectors are sold separately at £42.95 for a single, and £59.95 for a double adaptor).

It's been amazing, ticked every box. I got to keep my toddler happy facing forward in his seat, whilst keeping me happy having the baby in a proper carrycot facing me.

In fact, when it comes to extras, the price can quickly mount up. Although the sun canopy(/ies), raincover/s and a cover for the basket are included in the overall price, if you want a footmuff you’ll have to pay extra (£64.95). Also available is Bugaboo’s usual range of top quality accessories, including a mosquito net (£12.95), a wool seat liner (£89.95), and a buggy board for a third child (£90, plus £12.95 for the Donkey adaptor).

Another downside is that, as with all side-by-side double buggies, we found the Donkey2 to be less convenient for shops and public transport with narrow aisles. However, it does fold down easily enough to be suited to a family with a car (though remember to measure your boot to be sure you can fit the chassis and two carrycots, or a carrycot and a seat in for those early days).

It’s worth noting that while the air-filled front and rear wheels offer some compensation for its lack of suspension system, the Donkey2 is definitely more suited to pavements than the countryside. So, for true Bear Grylls wannabes, this buggy may not be ideal.

With a £1,367 price tag, the Donkey2 is one of the most expensive doubles we tested. But between Bugaboo’s iconic and unique design and the superior quality of the buggy’s functionality, it’s understandable that the Donkey2 isn’t a snip. As with all Bugaboo models, we love how cool it looks; you can definitely tell that this is a quality buggy and it will definitely last you the duration of multiple children as your family grows and your needs change.

The Specs

Suitable from: Newborn – four years
Weight: 15.3 kg with both seats attached
Folded Dimensions: H52 x W74 x D93 CM
RRP: £1,367 in Twin; £1000 in Mono, with a separate second seat at £150 (not including carrycot or sun canopy)
Average resale value: £628

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