Things your partner does...

Woman receiving Valentine's Day gift

If the annual glut of teddies and saccharine sentiments on Valentine's Day has you on edge, take heart with Mumsnetters' more realistic experiences of love: some < cough > minor irritations, punctuated by quiet moments of joy

That beggar belief…

Man shouting why

“Squeezes toothpaste from the TOP of the tube.”

“Socks taken off on different levels in the house leaving me hunting for random socks. I now have a ‘save our socks’ basket.”

“Always has the TV on in the background, even when he's not watching it. He just likes it on for 'ambience'.”

…And some that are specially meant to irritate you

Krysten Ritter eye roll

“Turns the kettle handle the wrong way round.”

“DP says 'slippy' instead of 'slippery'.”

Things that really drive you up the wall…

woman with fingers in her ears

“Narrates the telly. 'Oh, he’s opened that door now.' 'What’s that then?' 'He’s going over there now.' 'That lady has a knife.' FOR THE LOVE OF GOD JUST SHUT UP.”

“Did I mention the throat clearing?”

…But at least cause some enjoyment

Ron Swanson giggling

“Mine will literally believe anything he is told, but this one can be fun. I had him convinced for a full year that Tony Hadley was a high jump champion in his youth and now coaches the Olympic youth team, which is why Spandau Ballet hasn’t got back together.”

And when you scratch their back…

woman drinking coffee

“My DP frequently tells me to pull my head out of my arse. You'd be amazed how often that thing gets stuck up there. It's like there's a tattoo on my bum cheek saying 'Free sweets'.

“In return, since I know she's not a morning person, she gets a mug of coffee next to the bed to wake up to, and hot eggs on toast for breakfast every day we're together. Works for both of us.”

And sometimes, occasionally, it's unconditional < aww>

two women chatting

“He waited outside my workplace for 45 minutes last week to give me a lift home. It was pissing down, stupidly windy and he didn't want my umbrella to get blown away.”

“She’s incredibly open about how she feels, even though I know that's not always easy for her, and she’s a fantastic communicator who is happy to talk about anything. Both vital ingredients, yet often overlooked.”