The many ways carers make a difference

carer and elderly woman

TrustFord asked Mumsnetters to share to celebrate the difference carers make to everyday life. Whether providing medical care or companionship, respite or daily chores, carers make a big difference to thousands of lives

Making daily life less stressful

woman and carer shopping

“We call my mum's carer our fairy godmother! She is utterly reliable, punctual, organised, adaptable, efficient and seemingly tireless. Most importantly my mum loves her. Beyond that, she makes our household run more smoothly, does things before I even notice they need doing, is never grumpy and cheers us all up. All without making me feel inadequate too!”

“I have a carer as I am confined to a wheelchair. The difference she makes to my life is unbelievable. She has given me back the freedom to actually go out and enjoy my life. I don't think carers get the credit they deserve. If it wasn't for my carer I know my life would be boring, she helps me in so many ways and always has a smile on her face. We have so much fun together and I'm proud to be able to call her a close friend.”

“The lady who cares for both my grandparents is amazing. She does everything; washing, cleaning, helping them to dress, cooking, shopping, taking them to doctor appointments. My mum and aunt would have gone mad without her and I truly believe we would have had to put my grandparents in a home. Now, they live in their own home and are together. It's all thanks to a wonderful lady who does all these things in a caring and respectful way. She is calm and serene, just like a Mary Poppins for the elderly!”

“My son has special needs and he has a carer that takes him out and about without me to mix with his peers. She is a fabulous lady and used to be his teaching assistant. Her sticking by him over the years has given him the confidence. She has also given him a sense of security which is amazing for a boy who never liked leaving my side. Carers are not often praised for what they do, and for very little pay.”

Providing strength at testing times

supportive hands

“My mum is an unpaid carer for my sister who has multiple disabilities. Not only that, but she cares for my dad who has a brain tumour. She also looks after my children (who have autism, sensory processing disorder and epilepsy) whilst I'm at work. She really is a warrior and takes it all in her stride. She has no idea how truly amazing she is. What she does for her family is just amazing and we are so grateful.”

“My mum went for a respite break as she had dementia. When I went to visit, after walking round the grounds with my mum, I was telling one of the carers that mum didn't know me anymore. The carer said that mum followed me everywhere from the minute I arrived. She said that whilst she might not have known that I was her daughter, she knew my voice and that I was someone she could trust. That has always stayed with me, some comfort in a very upsetting situation.”

“My mum's carer was the salt of the earth. In her latter years, mum was in and out of hospital. She gradually lost her independence, mobility and after a while became partially blind. Her carer was so much more than just an employee, she became a companion and a friend of the family. She went over and above her caring duties and my family owe her a debt of gratitude for being our rock when we were facing the end.”

Bringing positivity and relief

“My son is non-verbal, it was only when he was with a carer one day that he finally said 'mum-me' when looking for me. That moment wouldn't have been possible if someone else had not been looking after him. Getting that support is hard work and so essential.”

“My eldest son has autism. Once a fortnight he sees a respite carer and she takes him on day trips. She is my gift sent from up above. My son adores her so much and counts down the days until he sees her next. She brings such positivity to his life and is a great friend too. Her work gives me a break but also allows me to spend some alone time with my daughter. She is more than a carer to us, she is a lifeline and a friend for life.”

“My social workers where my carers when I was bringing up my children. My youngest son is disabled and as I was a one parent family, money was very tight. One year, about four days before Christmas, my social worker turned up with a bag of toys that had been donated by the shops and businesses in our area. To be able to give my children some lovely presents for Christmas was the best present I could have had. I will never forget that kindness.”

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