Mother's Day dos and don'ts: 16 tips for a special day

Here's a useful round-up of the things that would make Mumsnetters very happy on March 26th - share with your loved ones to guarantee a harmonious day <wink>

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The basics

1. "Let me have a proper lie-in. That means keeping our son out of the bedroom and not letting him leap all over me while you coo sentimentally, 'Look how much he loves his mum'."

2. "Remember that, while breakfast in bed is top of my wishlist, I'd also like the kitchen to resemble a kitchen, not a bomb site, when I come downstairs. Nothing spoils a relaxing lie-in more."

3. "Don't say 'You're not my mother' to your wife when she is the one who bought, held in front of you to sign, and then posted, the card for your own mother..."

4. "Be sensitive to those who have lost their mothers - it can be a very hard day to get through, and a big fuss from/on behalf of the kids does help."

Mother's Day cards

5. "Get the children involved, even if they're too young to really understand. Last year a card coloured in by my boys melted my heart (they were six-months and nearly three)."

6. "Don't forget until the day itself, buy a 'thank you' card in desperation and try to cover up by writing 'thank you for being such a good mum'."

And gifts

7. "No doormats, oven gloves or tea towels. Ever."

8. "Don't buy your mother a lovely exotic plant in a tasteful ceramic pot, and then get your wife three manky hyacinths in a plastic pot with dayglo stones on the top. It's the floral equivalent of getting your mum Agent Provocateur undies and your wife hip huggers from M&S."

9. "Mums are not homogenous creatures. We don't all want padded coat hangers, scented drawer liners, tea cup candles and cheesy compilation CDs."

10. "An afternoon with a bottle of gin would be preferable to an 'I Love Mummy' teddy bear."

A note to mothers

11. "Don't strangle your mother-in-law. It's likely to make your husband grumpy for the entire day - he may even be tempted to return your bunch of carnations to the petrol station."

12. "Don't get out of bed. Just refuse."

And some wise words from a realist...

13. "Don't be surprised if you don't get a lie-in. Your kids will be banging on the door at the crack of dawn, and you'll need your 'grateful face' on to meet the bombardment of garage flowers/microwaved croissants that will greet you."

From a man's perspective

14. "If you say 'Don't make a big fuss/get me anything expensive', we will not make a big fuss/get you anything expensive. This is known as Listening, and Doing As We Are Told. You've only yourself to blame if we follow your instructions to the letter."

Some advice for the dads:

15. "Don't pay any attention when your wife says 'Oh, just get the children to make me something.' Get the children to make her something, and then get your credit card out and get yourself down to [insert wife's favourite shop]."

And finally...

16. "Remember that whatever you do for us on Mother's Day will be remembered on Father's Day!"

Last updated: 3 months ago