Which kind of parent are you?

1. It's pick-up time at your child's school/nursery/place of incarceration. Your child hands you a letter detailing their recent academic progress. Do you:

2. It's your child's fifth birthday. What sort of party do you throw?

3. ... and more importantly, what’s in the party bags?

4. You're at a soft-play. Your PFB yanks a passing toddler out of a Little Tykes car and pedals away. Do you:

5. The school’s kitchen staff are on strike, so it’s packed lunches all round this week. What do you make?

6. Which after-school activities is your child signed up for?

7. It’s time to give your kids The Sex Talk. How do you approach it?

8. Bertie the class bear is spending the week with you. When he returns to school, what does his scrapbook show?

Which kind of parent are you?

Hugely competitive

You are not competitive per se, just invested in your child's success. Very, very invested.

Which kind of parent are you?

Lentil weaver

If it's not organic, locally-sourced and free of all additives and/or preservatives, it's not coming within a mile of your child. As a parent, you believe your primary responsibility is to preserve the planet for the next generation - and to teach the next generation how to make preserves.

Which kind of parent are you?

You are all about benign neglect

It was just the ONE time. They were fine - you were only an hour late!

Which kind of parent are you?

Natural organiser

Are you on the PTA? You ARE the PTA.

Which kind of parent are you?

'Cool' parent

You're totes down with the kids. They just don't always seem to appreciate it.