Q&As with experts, authors, gurus and lifestyle coaches

From advice on how to get started writing your own children's book to the best way to deal with a nasty influx of unwanted blackfly on your vegetables, we're busy bringing you experts who have the As to your Qs. We've grouped them into (rather loose) categories to make it easier for you to see who has already shared their know-how.


Liz Yelling

An Olympic runner, a consultant in paediatric allergies and a GP who's an expert on all things digestive are among the health and fitness experts who've answered your questions. 


Lauren Child

Want to know how to get started on that novel you keep meaning to write? Or why Charlie and Lola's dog is called Cement? We put your questions to some well-known authors.


Phil McCann

Gardening gurus, CO2 experts and lifecoaches are among the guests who've proffered their pearls of wisdoms in response to your questions. 

Work, money and legal

Harriet Lamb

Mulling over a possible career makeover? Need legal advice? Or want to know what makes the Fairtrade Foundation so ethical? Find out here.



Among our guests who specialise in aspects of parenting have been Charlie Taylor, behavioural specialist, and Cathy Glass, an expert on fostering. Find out what they had to say.



Our first education Q&A looked at the use of video-game consoles in classrooms, speaking to primary school teacher Dawn Hallybone who regularly uses DSs to teach. 


Breast Cancer Care

To date, we've been joined by experts from charities such as Breast Cancer Care and Plan UK to answer your questions about their work and the causes they support. 

Webchats archive

Nigella Lawson

If you're hungry for more, you can also browse our webchats page, where we've archived live chats with guests from all walks of life, from politics to cooking to comedy, who've submitted to a Mumsnet grilling.