I'm so happy I'm pregnant, it's just that...

Pregnant woman suffering with pregnancy symptoms

…those early pregnancy symptoms kind of, you know, suck. We thought we'd be dancing through meadows, revelling in the beauty of creation, but instead we're weeping our way through a bag of Revels – wedged into the sofa and farting. This is what Mumsnetters said about the reality of early pregnancy, and it's pretty darn relatable.

I am not glowing

woman crying in pregnancy

“The pregnancy glow is totally lost on me. So far it's been sickness, spots and extreme exhaustion.”

I'm starting to become very suspicious of the mums who are 'glowing'

Suspicious man zoom in

“Who are these beautiful, glowing, pregnant mothers? Do they exist? Are they a myth designed to lure us into pregnancy?”

I can't stop puking

woman suffering pregnancy nausea

“One day I was sick more than 10 times.”

Which sometimes makes me feel like I'm in a horror movie

shocked man

“I've puked so much I've torn my throat, so now I regularly puke blood. It's just as scary and as gross as it sounds.”

I can't get to sleep

Woman struggling with sleeping during pregnancy

“I'm starting to get really irritated with feeling uncomfortable when trying to get to sleep. It's nothing I can put my finger on, more just that my body feels different.”

Psst, if you're also struggling to sleep this might help.

And when I do sleep…

Rihanna looking confused

“One of last night's dreams was just ridiculous. I was hoovering outside, and I went over a dog poo. It got sucked into the hoover and I spent the rest of the dream panicking about how I'd get it clean.”

The emotions are off the chart

Crying man

“I have cried over so many stupid things. Or I'm insanely angry over nothing at all.” On that note…

Flavours give me the rage

Woman angry with flavours

“I only like fizzy drinks and nothing with any flavours. Flavours actually make me full of rage. I'm not sure how much longer I can keep quiet about it at work.” 

Cherry tomatoes give me the rage

Woman angry about tomatoes

“I had a tantrum at the weekend because my mum served cherry tomatoes whole and I couldn't cut one on my plate.”

Curry gives me the rage

Woman angry with man about curry

“My husband made a curry last week and I flew into a rage. 'Bleurgh! Yuck! Disgusting CURRY? I want a chicken pot noodle.' Poor bloke.”

EVERYTHING gives me the rage

Angry skeleton

“My poor husband only has to breathe near me and it pisses me off.”

Everything's so smelly

Woman smelling

“I had to hide in the bedroom for hours when my partner made a Thai green curry, deep breathing with my head in a bucket.”

“I knew that my husband was watching football with a beer because I could smell it from the driveway.”

Including me

Woman smelling her own armpit

“I can go for days on end without having the energy to shower.”

My boobs have a mind of their own

Woman experiences breast changes in pregnancy

“My (sweaty) boobs are now a weird pointy shape.”

I can't stop burping

Man saying sorry

“Oh, the burping. I burp all day every day.”

And I feel like I'm dressed for the circus


“My maternity trousers are held up with braces.”

“I'm walking around in what must look like clown trousers.”

But will it be worth it?

Happy mother and baby

Yep – and, as the OP puts it, “I think we're all doing bloody great.”