Pregnancy: how to get rid of *that* taste in your mouth

woman tongue out

If one of your first signs of pregnancy was just a metallic taste in your mouth, you might have got off lightly. Dirty dishwater, nappies and hairspray are just a few of the more interesting flavours Mumsnetters have been lucky enough to sample in their first trimester

So what’s it all about? Metal

“I don’t get it – I haven’t eaten any metal, I don’t brush my teeth with metal, yet I wake up, metal, eat lunch, metal. Metal, metal, metal.”

Woman tongue out

But metal > hairspray, right?

“My mouth tasted like I’d woken up and sprayed it with hairspray every morning – I haven’t been able to wear hairspray since.”

Hairspray > dirty dishwater?

“My mouth tastes like dirty drain water, constantly. My husband assures me it doesn’t smell that way, but I fear he’s just being kind.”
Steve carrell

ANYTHING IN THE WORLD > dirty nappies

“During my second pregnancy, I swear to God, my mouth tasted worse than the smell of my first child’s nappies. So. F****d. Up.”

woman smells dirty nappy

Is there a cure?

Taste the rainbow

“I suck on skittles from the moment I wake, to the moment I go to bed. It’s the only way I can cope.”

Prepare for battle and bulk buy

“I went through so many Polo mints that my husband ended up becoming a Costco member. He stopped counting how many tubes I’d got through after packet 43.”

bulk buy

If someone gives you lemons… use them to banish nasty, metallic tastes from your mouth

“The only thing that helped me was drinking citrus, sour drinks. I had lots of lemonade and that seemed to relieve it a little.”

Pregnant woman drinking lemonade

Will brushing your teeth help? Probably not

“I brush my teeth because my mouth tastes horrible – the taste remains and the action of brushing my teeth just makes me retch.”
woman toothbrush

But remember, mothers know best

“I thought the milk was off – at that moment, my mother knew I was pregnant.” Gail Platt