8 tips for coping with morning sickness

Why do they call it morning sickness when it can last ALL DAY? If you're suffering, fear not - Mumsnetters have these pearls of wisdom to get you through the worst

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1. Experiment with home brews

Woman drinking a cup of tea

"My special remedy was one teaspoon of apple cider vinegar and one of honey in a cup of hot water. This was the only thing that eased my morning sickness."


2. Find ways to stay hydrated

Chris Hemsworth doing wet t-shirt dance

"I found watermelon great when I was feeling sick; it really helps stave off thirst when you can’t face drinking. You can also try sucking on ice cubes and eating ice lollies."

3. Reintroduce yourself to the joys of nap-time

Honey boo boo talking about beauty sleep 

"You need sleep and lots of it. If I didn't have enough sleep I'd feel much, much worse."

4. Consider acupuncture - some MNers swear by it

Charlotte SATC having acupuncture

"I recommend trying acupuncture and wearing the acupressure bands at all time. Really worth a go if you can afford it. Just make sure you find a practitioner who knows about early pregnancy."

5. Get snacking (no, really!)

monster munch

"Pickled onion Monster Munch crisps were the only thing I could manage to eat."

"I ate nothing but white Magnums and biscuits, and didn't manage a real meal from week six to 15. You get quite blasé about puking."

6. Never apologise, never explain

A McMuffin

"Don't worry about healthy eating right now, you can catch up when you feel better. Just eat what you can keep down."

"A friend of mine suffered from terrible nausea, until one day she discovered that Sausage & Egg McMuffins were her saviour. This distressed her no end as she is a health freak - but needs must when you're at your worst!"

7. Although watch out for the consequences of this

Homer Simpsons eating lots

"I was sick as a dog the whole time and my only relief came from eating. However, beware this solution as I still haven’t lost the weight and my son is now a teen."

And finally...

8. Never be afraid to ask for a little help

Liz Lemon throwing up

"The smell of anything cooking used to make me feel sick. I could eat a proper meal just as long as I didn't make it, so I sadly had to lie in bed while my husband cooked and cleaned…"


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