10 things that could only happen when you're pregnant


From letting one rip in public to crying over sauce, pregnancy is a rollercoaster full of twists and turns that are guaranteed to leave you with a story (or two) to tell

There are some things you just can't prepare for…

''I'd arranged to meet up with an old school friend to catch up – I was about seven and a half months pregnant at this point. As we were walking across the local park, I let out a huge fart.''

awkward gif

… which makes every day a new adventure

“I drank a pint of milk quite quickly when I was about four months pregnant. It caused me to puke bright white vomit all the way down Bath high street. It was uncontrollable. Funnily enough, I don't eat dairy products now.”

drinking milk

Emotions will run high

“I was in Starbucks and another lady was there with her baby. When her baby started crying my boobs started leaking. I was wearing a very light grey cotton t-shirt – mortified doesn't cover it.”

embarrassed woman

And you may pick up a few odd looks along the way

“I popped to the supermarket after one of my last midwife appointments. I pulled my purse out of my bag to pay and the urine sample bottle bounced merrily across the floor, right in front of the handsome checkout assistant.”


OK, more than a few

“My first waters broke really dramatically during sex. It wasn't one of my finer moments. I can still see the look of horror on his face. It was like a dam had burst!”

shocked man

Life will definitely not go to plan

“Driving three children to school/nursery while heavily pregnant with twins, I felt terribly nauseous on a dual carriageway where I couldn't stop. I opened the window, slowed down and vomited out of it – the contents came straight back in, spraying everywhere inside the car, all over me and all over the children. I might have been okay had the headmistress of the school not been waiting to speak to me when I arrived. We had to sell the car.”

car keys

Which can be a bit… awkward

“Getting stuck on my back and waving my arms and legs like an upturned beetle until the beautician rolled me off her couch.”

save me

Simple tasks can prove somewhat challenging

“I was at the oversized jogging bottoms pulled up high over my bump stage, and I had to take our dogs to the vet. All was fine until I was at the desk to pay – one of the daft lumps jumped up, caught my jogging bottoms, and pulled them down.”


And so, you are going to cry, a lot

“I cried at the takeaway because they put sauce on my burger when I didn't want sauce. Now whenever I go in, they make a point if I'm having a burger to say 'No sauce or she will cry'.”

sad woman

But when it comes down to it, you'll handle it all like a boss

“I once had to leave a client conference to be sick, but ended up bursting a blood vessel in my eye. I had to go back into the client conference with a swollen face and one red eyeball. They were visibly horrified, but I stared every single person down with my glaring red eyeball of death and then carried on as if nothing had happened.”

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