School summer holidays

children running outsideSchool's out for summer – now to the question of how to keep the kids entertained (and yourself sane) for the next six weeks.

Whether you're planning a family holiday – abroad or in the UK – or you're staying at home and in need of things to do, we've a whole range of ideas to keep everyone amused, whatever their age. And, more importantly, whatever the weather.


Days out in the UK

Theme park ride

Whether you're exploring your local area or a new corner of the country, find out what's on and where to go.

Explore the great outdoors

children playing outdoors

While the sun is shining, make the most of long summer days by getting outside and trying out some new activities. To get you started, we've got three National Trust 50 Things goody bags to give away.

Things to do at home

mother and daughter

The holidays sometimes feel like weeks of waiting for 'summer' to arrive, so make sure you've got plenty of fun activities up your sleeve to pull out come rain or shine.

Enter the Loom Band Challenge

loom bands

If your children are spending the holidays covered in loom bands, share their best work on our competition thread for the chance to win £100 or £50 Hobbycraft vouchers.

Keeping costs down

empty purse

Filling six weeks with activities can look like a pricey endeavour. Follow Mumsnetters' tips for having fun without breaking the bank.

Summer reads

Summer reading

Put your feet up with one of our great summer books in hand. And if you're looking to prepare children for starting school, get them reading one of our top school reads.

Hot weather and hazards

Child at edge of swimming pool

When the temperature does rise, it's important to know what's needed to protect children from the dangers of heat and being outdoors.