The Women Problem: key findings

VoteIn 2013, Mumsnet and Ipsos MORI published The Women Problem, an in-depth study of women voters and how the politicians trying to win them over are faring.

The report shines a light on women’s opinions of the current political leaders, their shortfalls and strengths, and the challenges they face if they are to win support in the run-up to the 2015 election.

It shows the Conservatives trailing the opposition by 13 points among female voters – three times the amount they trail among men (four points).

Key findings include

  • 42% of women would back Labour, compared to just 29% who would vote Conservative. While the Conservative share among men (31%) is similar to that among women, men are less likely than women to back Labour (35%).

  • David Cameron is described as the most out of touch leader by 46% of women (13% say Ed Miliband and 9% say Nick Clegg).

  • A third of women (33%) are 'satisfied' with David Cameron’s performance, the same as are satisfied with Ed Miliband.

  • Women are more likely to 'like' David Cameron (43%) than Ed Miliband (34%).

  • Six out of 10 women who backed the Lib Dems in 2010 say they are no longer supporters.

  • No more than half of women believe any of the three main party leaders are interested in the concerns and opinions of women.

What Mumsnetters had to say on...

David Cameron: "I don't think he understands any issues relating to normal (not super rich) people, let alone women."

Ed Miliband: "Hard to like and weak at times."

Nick Clegg: "Damaged goods in terms of integrity."

The report uses Ipsos MORI polling data available in August 2013, and qualitative work with focus groups comprising a diverse range of Mumsnetters. 


Last updated: almost 2 years ago