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Six things we learned from Jeremy Corbyn's 2017 webchat

Jeremy Corbyn

With just over a week to go until the General Election, Jeremy Corbyn joined us to answer Mumsnet users' questions – here's what we found out

1. He's less hard-line on sugar than he was

On a previous Mumsnet webchat, he was fired up about the evils of sugar. Now he says:

“As you probably know, I make jam, and that has to have sugar in it. So let's agree moderation but keep our kids healthy.”

2. He wants to give 16-year-olds the vote

Labour will reduce the voting age, because:

“Young people need a say in their future.”

3. He's learned his lines on childcare costs

No slip-ups this time:

“This will cost £5.3 billion a year by the end of the next parliament to ensure that all children get the opportunity of an exciting preschool environment.”

4. He's planning to call out Trump on sexism and racism

… and there won't be any PDAs:

“I certainly will not be holding hands, but will have a discussion with him on many issues and also express concerns over his remarks about Muslims and women.”

5. The manifesto wasn't strategically leaked

Asked if it happened 'accidentally on purpose', he said:

“Absolutely no! I was very annoyed.”

6. He's probably not planning to quit

Asked whether he'd step down if Labour lost the election and ended up with fewer seats, he had five words:

“Proud to lead our party.”

We'll take that as a no then.