"Anyone else get Braxton Hicks with every announcement?" - the Mumsnet Referendum timeline

The Scottish Referendum: a night of high drama. Tears on one side, quiet relief on the other - with the occasional moment of hilarity to break the tension...


Houses with Yes and No posters up


The build-up

As midnight approaches, Mumsnetters on both sides reflect on what the outcome of the vote will mean to them.

"Wine and duvet brought down to living room. So bloody exciting! YES YES YES!"

"Do you know what? I HATE all this. I have been quietly hoping it would all go away but now it's here, I am genuinely upset by the idea of Scottish independence. I hope and pray for a No vote - if Yes wins, who's next? Wales? Cornwall? Manchester?"

"I honestly can't believe we are at this point. Two years ago I thought, there isn't a cat in hell's chance we will get independence. Now look at us. We have come so far."

Some folk are going down the 'if you don't laugh you might cry' route...

"Apparently someone on the BBC said Fife has 'high levels of depravity'."

"Hot man with beard on BBC1."


Kilt next to sign


1.30am: Clackmannanshire is first to declare its results; a No victory by 19,036 to 16,350 votes

"Wasn't this supposed to be an easy Yes?"

"I'm not going to get any sleep tonight. I may as well just accept it now."


2am: Orkney comes in - No wins by 10,004 to 4,883

"It always was going to be No in Orkney. Still not enough to give me comfort."

"The Orkney crowd was very subdued. Maybe it's not the done thing to cheer on Orkney. Disturbs the puffins."


Yes flag out of window

4am: Dundee comes in - it's Yes, although not by as much as was predicted; 53,620 to 39,880

"The Yes city."

"I agree with the BBC about the SNP wanting to do better in Dundee. The place was a walking advert for the Yes campaign."

"No chance of sleep. I need to be up in two and a half hours. Nerve wracking stuff."


4.30am: Stirling comes in - No wins by 37,153 to 25,010

"Gosh, Stirling now coming in thick and fast. Let this be over soon; I am shaking."

"The big hitters are still to come."

"Mumsnet is much more up-to-date than the BBC internet feed, here in Canada."



5am: Glasgow says Yes, but again not by as much as expected - 194,779 to 169,347

"75% in my part of Glasgow is quite awesome - but probably not enough."

"Not enough from Glasgow. Shit! Good on them though."

The Borders come in - a No victory by 55,553 to 27,906

"The Borders have wiped out the Glasgow gain."

"Yes can't win this now. I'm declaring it's a No, with increased devolution. It's exactly what I wanted. Gutted for my passionate Yes friends who have worked so hard."

Pregnant Mumsnetters show no signs of going to bed...

"Ah, at last, found the Mumsnetters that are up watching the results! Pregnancy insomnia is a good thing tonight, just hoping the excitement doesn't bring on labour."

"Anyone else get Braxton hicks with every major announcement?!"

Voting signs 


As 6am approaches, it becomes apparent a Yes victory is impossible

"I'm so pleased it looks like Scotland are going to stay in the union. I feel quite emotional about it!"

"Just devastated. I don't understand how this has happened."

"I've cried too. Not ashamed to say it."

"I think what this referendum has proved to me is that there is a divide, but it's not between the Scots and the English, it's between the haves, or people who think one day they could be haves, and the have-nots. I can't believed the No voters have squandered an opportunity people normally have to kill and die for."

"Whether a Yes or a No person, surely everyone can celebrate the way in which Scotland has embraced democracy today. Fantastic turnouts all over the place."


Scottish Parliament

Like many others across the UK, Mumsnetters look to the future

"Can we please be lovely to the Yes camp? They have worked so hard... the result will be truly wrenching for them. I urge humility and grace in 'victory'."

"No gloating here - there is still good that will come out of the Yes campaign; Westminster can't fail to see how close it came to losing the Union, or how disenfranchised a vast number of Scots are... Scotland has paved the way for a massive change in the UK."

"Write to your MP or MSP and ask them what they are going to do about the promises made by the party leaders this week. They will drag their heels if we don't keep up the pressure."

"Wishing Scotland all the best and thanking you for the kick up the bum that you have given the whole of the UK in terms of our political apathy. A shining example of passion, commitment and a demand for change."

"Incredible thread; even without a vote I've never been so engaged with politics before."


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