Mumsnetters propose their fantasy Prime Minister

On the day that Michael Gove put his hat into the ring for leadership - and Boris Johnson removed his - Mumsnetters have some alternative suggestions for who should lead the country

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Eddie Izzard

"He quite obviously has the backbone of a rhino and I'd love to see 'President' Trump's reaction to him in full drag, slap and black nail varnish."

JK Rowling

"She has some pretty astute political comments on Twitter. And she could hook us up with the Ministry of Magic - so it's win-win really."

Justin Trudeau

"If we can share a monarch with Canada, why not share a PM as well?"

Mary Berry

"She could probably beat up Putin."

Ray Mears

"He could help us all survive in forests if Putin comes for us... lead from the front and all that."

Heimir Hallgrimsson

"The manager of the Iceland football team. He clearly knows how to get a good result."


"He might have some free time soon."


"After watching her at Glastonbury I nominate Adele. She won't put up with any nonsense, she'll tell it like it is. " 

Michael Sheen

"I think he would be an erudite and benevolent leader. Also, I've got a gigantic crush on him."

Nicola Murray from The Thick of It

"We could do worse."

Ryan Gosling

"Just because."

Jon Snow - oh, wait

"Not Jon Snow - surely you've had enough of PMs who know nothing?"

Kim Jong Un

Balamory's Miss Hooley

"She's calm and collected, has loads of friends with different skill sets and makes everyone smile while doing exactly what she wanted them to do in the first place."

Gareth Malone

"I'd like to teach the world to sing in perfect harmoneeeee..."

Mary Beard

"I would totally vote for her. She is fucking amazing - intelligent, kind, all the things a person should aspire to be."

"She knows how democracy should work."

Mary Beard it is then. Proposed and seconded.

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