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Letter Q What's the biggest mistake you've ever made in politics? 


andy burnhamAndy Burnham: Believing Andrew Lansley, now Conservative health secretary, when he said we could work together, across party lines, to get a consensus on older people's care. My trust was rewarded with the shameful 'death tax' tombstone adverts.


david milibandDavid Miliband: Not leaving that banana at breakfast!




ed milibandEd Miliband: The third runway at Heathrow. I was always against it, but I didn't win the argument in government and, if I could have my time again, I'd approach it very differently. It is important to have good transport hubs for business in the UK but the third runway at Heathrow was the wrong decision for several reasons. You have to show you are serious about tackling climate change, and going ahead with it meant, whatever else we did or said, people doubted our seriousness about the issue.


ed ballsEd Balls: I wish I had spent more time on children's social work in my first year as Children's Secretary. The profession wasn't banging on my door, asking to see me, like the teaching unions were, but that wasn't a sign that everything was well. I should have been knocking on their door, and the reforms I pushed through should have started earlier.


diane abbottDiane Abbott: The mistake I keep making is not remembering that jokes, or even irony, do not work in political discourse. People take you literally and use it against you.




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