7 best Corbyn-isms

A round-up of Jeremy Corbyn's pithiest lines from today's Mumsnet webchat

"I'm someone that sleeps easy and is happy to look at myself in the mirror each morning."

"I have committed to a 50% women shadow cabinet, and to work towards 50% of Labour MPs being women. This is hugely important - we cannot waste women's expertise, and we must be impatient for real equality."

"It's interesting you describe me as a rebel, whereas I would defend my parliamentary voting record as being one of protecting civil liberties and constantly in search of economic justice for the people of this country."

"I suggest to people who get worried about being insulted, they read Oscar Wilde on the definition of Socialism."

"What would be decent about removing myself from a process in which many people have put in a huge amount of time and energy to develop a good, decent alternative political strategy for our party?"

"I am a summer-born child and I urge all LEAs to do mid-year entries as well as the traditional September one."

And finally... "Raw untreated cotton is least harsh on the skin I believe. I buy my vests on Holloway Rd, N7 - on a market stall!"

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Last updated: about 3 years ago