Labour leadership hustings


Letter QHow different will New-New Labour (Labour v3.0??) be compared to the Blair/Brown era, and how will those differences be shown? 


diane abbottDiane Abbott: The Labour party would be different under my leadership. No more spin and obsession with focus groups. We would actually listen to ordinary people.




andy burnhamAndy Burnham: As we move into the new era, we have also got to end, once and for all, the self-indulgent factionalism that blighted our Party in recent years. We need to move on from Blair versus Brown, old versus new, and focus on the business of returning to Government. It is time to be Labour again. That is why I have put forward new ideas that combine the best of old and new Labour in true, mainstream Labour policies to help everybody be the best that they can be.


david milibandDavid Miliband: Neither Tony Blair nor Gordon Brown are on the ballot paper in this election. Both did great things for our country, but it is time to move on. I am interested in building a better future, and answering the challenges of today. My vision is a Britain where people have more power in their hands, where wealth creation is spread across the country and where inequalities of opportunity are tackled.


ed milibandEd Miliband: That's a great question. I believe that our party can only win again if we put our values at the core of everything we do. Values aren't an alternative to electoral success, they are the way to achieve it. That is why the vision of a fairer, more just and more equal society is at the heart of my campaign. We have great candidates in this race but the question is who can really move us on from a politics that was too technocratic and managerial and stopped inspiring people to one which is rooted in our values, more optimistic about the change we can make happen.


ed ballsEd Balls: New Labour, Old Labour, New-New Labour, whatever... We should just be the Labour Party. But of course we have to move on from the era of Tony Blair and Gordon Brown. David Miliband may have worked for Tony, and Ed Miliband and I for Gordon, but all of us are different from those people and the caricatures some like to create. And we have learned from the mistakes they made. How will Labour be different? I think we have to make the case for a credible and radical alternative approach to the coalition on the economy and public services and be much clearer about what we stand for and whose side we were on than we sometimes were in the past. It's no good trying to win the approval of business leaders or the right-wing press if, at the election, they turn on you and the voters just think all the parties are the same. And it will do us no good at all if we get to the next election and our leader looks and sounds like David Cameron and Nick Clegg. We have to show there is an alternative.




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