16 things we learned from the Mumsnet Labour leadership hustings 

One of these people is the next leader of the Labour party.

1. Leadership? Jeremy Corbyn can take it or leave it, tbh

Asked why the top job was important to him personally, he answered:

"It's not really!... I'm not particularly into individualism or glamour and hope that if I am elected we could have a more inclusive and cooperative style of leadership. No one person is the fountain of all wisdom."

2. Jez is not here for your negativity

Would he "do the decent thing and stand down"? No.

"What would be decent about removing myself from a process in which many people have put in a huge amount of time and energy to develop a good, decent alternative political strategy for our party?" 

3. He doesn't suffer from low self-esteem

"I'm someone who sleeps easy and is happy to look at myself in the mirror each morning."

4. For dermatology advice, he's your guy

"Raw untreated cotton is least harsh on the skin I believe. I buy my vests on Holloway Rd, N7 - on a market stall!"


5. Liz Kendall has got Jezza's back, actually

"I don't agree that Jeremy should stand down. He's putting forward his views - let's have the debate in an open and honest manner and then it will be for Labour party members to decide."      

6. Public Enemy are the reason she's in politics (maybe)

"I love their rhythm, but more importantly their powerful sense of injustice, refusal to accept the status quo, and anger about some people holding all the power in life while too many have none. Life doesn't have to be the way it is. We can change it. That's why I'm in politics."


7. She doesn't do biscuits AT ALL

"I'm more into savoury snacks. Currently popcorn."

8. Andy Burnham likes his socialism aspirational

"I'm a socialist and I want to help everybody get on in life. Sometimes socialism is associated with wanting to drag people down, but it has never meant that to me."

9. On *that* Welfare bill abstention, he had this to say

"I was not prepared to resign, lead a rebellion and risk splitting the party. Come September, I will change Labour's position on this bill to one of outright opposition and will be expecting the full loyalty of Labour MPs behind it."

10. He doesn't need to get his roots done

"I really don't like the idea of Oxbridge politicos with no experience being parachuted into safe seats. I'm proud to represent the place where I grew up, and didn't need a parachute to get there."

11. ...and that Bambi joke is wearing thin

"I don't think what I get is anything like as insidious as what many of my female colleagues are subject to - but I do find the Daily Mail's obsession with my eyelashes and attempts to claim I dye my hair more than a little odd. For the record, I can assure you I have never worn mascara, nor purchased a bottle of Just for Men.

12. Yvette Cooper nailed the way motherhood is used as a stick with which to beat women

"Rachel Reeves was told she couldn't be a cabinet minister because she had a baby; Liz Kendall and Theresa May are criticised for not having children. Some women are criticised for going out to work when the children are small. Others are criticised for staying at home instead. It's outrageous, and we shouldn't fall for it."

13. ... and she wants Labour to "be THE women's equality party"

"It would be nice if after more than 100 years of campaigning on women's equality we could break through our last glass ceiling and have our first elected woman leader and Labour woman Prime Minister too."

AmmiRIGHT ladies? 

14. Her children are winning

"I'm all in favour of parental controls on computers, but to be honest I have to ask my children how to use them."

Paging Ed Balls.

15. She's calling out false binaries

"People are being given a false choice at the moment; on the one hand, stand up for your principles and be unelectable, on the other hand ditch your values in order to win votes. Neither of those is the right thing to do - and neither will work, either for the Labour Party or for the country."

16. When it comes to snacks, she's 'Undecided'

"Chocolate hobnobs [are my favourite biscuit], but I have to say I really can't walk past an open packet of crisps without diving in. Salt'n'vinegar is definitely my favourite flavour."

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