Labour leadership hustings - September 2010

Labour leadership contest
In August 2010, we asked Mumsnetters to come up with a set of questions we could put to all five candidates in the Labour leadership race.

You duly ruminated and cogitated, and then we sent the candidates a selection of your best questions. Below are their answers, for you to compare and contrast.


  1. What are the pertinent qualities and experiences that you would you bring to the role of leader of the Labour party, and what is your particular USP? Read the answers
  2. What are the top five new policies that you would implement today if you were the Prime Minister? Read the answers
  3. If you weren't standing yourself, which one of the other people standing would you vote for and why? Read the answers
  4. How different will New-New Labour (Labour v3.0??) be compared to the Blair/Brown era, and how will those differences be shown? Read the answers

  5. Why did you leave the coalition with the legacy of every man, woman and child owing £22,000 to the Treasury and now have the gall to blame the new government for making cuts that you yourself were planning? How do you sleep at night? Read the answers
  6. Will you support the 50:50 ratio of male and female members of the shadow cabinet (and hopefully later the Cabinet)? Read the answers

  7. I'd like to ask about Graduate Tax - my understanding is that all candidates bar David Miliband are pro, and I'm struggling to understand why.  Read the answers

  8. What would you do to address the gulf in academic attainment between state schools and independent schools? Read the answers
  9. Iraq. Why should any of us ever trust anything you say again? Read the answers

  10. Do you think that 50% is the highest personal income tax rate that should be applied? Or would you support higher, and possibly broader, taxation bands for high-earners, to support the welfare state? Read the answers

  11. Where is the environment on your priority list and what do you think is the best strategy to resist climate change? Read the answers

  12. How do you plan to improve the lives of disabled children and their families, at school, home and in the community? This includes reform to the current postcode lottery SEN Statementing/ funding system. Read the answers

  13. If you could be one historical figure, who would you be? Read the answers

  14. Would you serve in the Cabinet/Shadow Cabinet of each of the other candidates? If not, which ones would you not work for? Read the answers

  15. What's the biggest mistake you've ever made in politics? Read the answers


Last updated: about 3 years ago