Women in parliament: Three female MPs answer your questions

Women's ministers

We asked Mumsnetters what they thought of the UK's political culture - and they weren't impressed.  From the aggressive rowdiness of PMQs, to the unfamily-friendliness of House of Commons' working hours, MNers think that Westminster needs to change. 

To get the inside story on what it's like to be a woman in Westminster, we met with Jo Swinson MP, Gloria De Piero MP and Nicky Morgan MP and put to them your questions about life in politics. See what they had to say in the videos below - and sign our Change.org petition asking David Cameron to shake up PMQs.


Are you embarrassed by PMQs?


Is it a disadvantage to be a woman in Westminster?


What one change would you like to see to get more women in to politics?


Which party will be the next to have a female leader? 




Last updated: about 3 years ago