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Who do Mumsnetters really think should be in No 10?

Many Mumsnetters aren't overly impressed with the options, politically-speaking. So who do they think should really be running the country? 

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"Grayson Perry. He seems to have a genuine empathy with and compassion for all sorts of people, and an understanding of how our society works."

Fair enough, really. 

"Kirsty Wark as Foreign Secretary. Go forth and kick ass!"

Kick ass she would.

"Judi Dench to run MI6. Hugh Grant to be Prime Minister."

Hmm, sounds familiar...

"Judge Judy for Prime Minister. I know she's not British, but I'm sure that we can get around that."

Sure, why not. She's in <bangs gavel>.

"Aidan Turner for Home Secretary. In fact, he can do anything. As long as he doesn't wear his shirt..."

...and spends less time gazing wistfully at the ocean. Those policies ain't gonna write themselves.

"JK Rowling for Chancellor. She seems to be one of the few enormously rich people whose money hasn't sent them off the rails. She has a robust, practical and ethical approach to taxation (ie she pays her fair share, and a lot more besides). Oh, and she should be Minister for Single Parents."

We're sure many MNers would agree.

"Sir David Attenborough for Environment Minister."


"Eddie Izzard could do… something diplomatic?"

He's jolly good at French, too.

"Pam Ferris for Health Secretary. In full Call The Midwife attire, obvs."

With Miranda Hart as deputy?

"That really nice nurse from the old series of 24 Hours In A+E, the one with the greying buzz cut and the pierced eyebrow. She was bloody marvellous in a crisis."

Her name's Jen. We like Jen.

"Caitlin Moran as Minister for Women."


"Louis Theroux deserves a cabinet position. I'm just not sure what."

It's okay, you can get back to us on that one.

"Jon Snow... Only because Ned Stark is no longer with us."

But he knows nothing!

"If nobody's bothered about world peace, then Khal Drogo as defence minister."

We'd have to reinstate the cavalry to accommodate all those Dothraki, mind.

"Hugh Fearnley-Whittingstall as Agriculture and Fisheries minister."

River Cottage forever.

"Jo Brand for Health. She's lived it on the front line, tells it straight and has a good understanding of the reality of today's NHS."

Note: *Jo* Brand. Not the other one. 

"The Foreign Office, International Development and Defence should all be rolled into one, run by Michael Palin, who just goes around being NICE to people."

Always look on the bright side.

"Dennis Skinner at Department for Trade and Industry...

For the lolz."

"Benjamin Zephaniah as Local Government and Communities Minister."

Because there just isn't enough poetry in life.

"Camila Batmanghelidjh for Children's Minister."

Hear, hear.

"I think we could put a group of kid's TV presenters into government and they'd be better than the current lot. The trade-off could be Boris presenting CBeebies."

Truly, a terrifying thought.

"Mary Beard and Tom Holland jobsharing on Culture and Heritage, so they both have time to keep writing books.

But if they ever disagree on something, Mary gets the casting vote."

"Justine Roberts for Chancellor – there'd be free gin!"


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