Mumsnetters' secret political crushes

When they’re not grilling the Education Secretary or debating Labour's rent cap proposals, MNers have been pondering which politician would make the best, erm, consort.

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 Nick Clegg

nick clegg

"I reckon Clegg would be a trier."
"I think he'd be fun & respectful. I think he'd say nice things - perhaps comment on how well I was doing. I like that."


Ed Miliband

ed miliband 

"I think he would be quite gentle and considerate, and I have a soft spot for the geeky type."


David Cameron

david cameron 

"I actually developed a bit of a crush on David Cameron after meeting him a few times. I think he comes across a lot better in real life."


Nigel Farage

nigel farage

"Less mimsy than the other three party leaders, who would earnestly set out their plans for the evening, explaining how they had been costed and why their proposed strategy was right for you. Farage would just chuck you on the bed and get stuck in, and he'd take you to the pub afterwards."


Boris Johnson

boris johnson laughing 

"I suspect Boris is the only one who knows how to have fun."  
"I think he'd talk dirty in cod Latin: 'bigus willius'."


Alan Johnson

Alan Johnson

"He's intelligent, funny and normal, and I bet he'd be very giving."
"Alan Johnson. Alan Johnson. Alan Johnson a thousand times!"

Theresa May

Theresa May

"The view from dadworld: Theresa May would be utter filth."


Ed Balls

ed balls

"He has twinkly eyes. Can't beat a twinkle. It makes me think he would be filth."


George Osborne

George Osbourne

"George Osborne. I know, I know - but I had a dream about him once, and it was good."
"George Osborne looks like he has a dirty mouth."


Chuka Umunna


"He's gorgeous, and the only politician who sounds like a normal person."
"Hot, hot, hot, and hawt."


Zac Goldsmith

Zac Goldsmith

"Zac Goldsmith - apparently insanely charismatic in the flesh. So to speak."


Gordon Brown

gordon brown

"Gordon Brown would DEFINITELY be masterful. Ooh."
"When he did that referendum speech last year <swoons>... It's the passion and cragginess."


 Iain Duncan Smith

Iain Duncan Smith

"Random factoid: apparently Iain Duncan Smith smells amazing."


Andy Burnham

Andy Burnham

"I've met Andy Burnham and so would."
"Andy Burnham's eyelashes are delicious."


Tony Blair

tony blair

"It pains me to say it, but Tony Blair. I met him once and he was nice, chatty, funny and massively charismatic. He was also very tanned and wearing an open-necked white shirt... I am going to hell."


Ken Livingston

Ken Livingstone

"Bit craggy, bit of a secret private life. I bet he goes out with that beige mac with nothing underneath."


From further afield... 


Rafael Correa

Rafael Correa

"Has anyone mentioned the president of Ecuador yet?"


Bill Clinton

bill clinton

"I know a lesbian who met Clinton and would have headed off upstairs with him in a moment."

Hans Linde

hans linde

"Hans Linde looks like he'd go. Being Swedish, he'd make you decent coffee afterwards too. And he'd have an amazing shower/wetroom and probably a home sauna."


Barack Obama

obama smiling

"Obama goes without saying."


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