Nicola Sturgeon's Mumsnet webchat - the highlights

A selection of nuggets from today's Mumsnet webchat with the SNP leader - from what the Sun's backing really means, to being a 'first thing in the morning, in the shower kind of gal'.

1. She holds the English in high esteem:


I'm English and do not like the feeling that being pro-Scottish = anti-English, particularly when you and members of your party speak disparagingly of those 'South of the border'. I'm sure I was not alone in my bewilderment at the anti-English rhetoric during the lead-up to last year's referendum and was left feeling pretty angry at such divisive politics. What would you say to people like me?


There is not an anti English bone in my body. I am the grand-daughter of an English woman. I love England and her people and, regardless of politics, consider you to be family...and always will.



2. She says the General Election result will not be a mandate for a referendum - however well the SNP performs:


My question (as a yes voter) - how can we convince opposers that a vote for SNP on Thursday is not a vote for another referendum & that you have, as I believe, genuinely got the best interests of all the UK at heart?


Even if we win every seat in Scotland on Thursday - which is not a prediction (!) - it is not a mandate for another referendum. It is about making Scotland's voice heard and then using that voice for better politics at WM - for Scotland and everyone else across the UK.



3. She's glad to have backing of The Sun in Scotland - even though elsewhere, the paper is backing the Tories:


Do you feel comfortable that the Scottish Sun is supporting the SNP when its partner newspaper in England is supporting the Tories?


The Scottish Sun has a separate editorial team and policy to the Sun in England. I welcome the backing of the paper but the only backing that really counts is that of the voters.

And the SNP is determined to get the Tories out if we possibly can.



4. She opposes Trident on principle:


What makes you want to scrap Trident? Are you worried about losing a major defence deterrent?


Thanks for your question. I oppose nuclear weapons in principle - I think it's wrong to have weapons that at the press of a button could wipe out whole swathes of civilisation. I also think the obsession with Trident sacrifices conventional defences which have been cut in recent years. And in times of constrained resources I believe that if there is £100 billion to spend it should be spent on health and childcare rather than on nuclear weapons.



5. It's a Tunnocks' (but you knew that):


I was quite disappointed when during the run up to the referendum, Alisdair Darling and Alex Salmond both picked very Scottish seemed like they were doing it just to make a point about Scottishness. Not that I overanalysed their biscuit choice at all, rofl.


It's an easy choice for me - Tunnock's caramel wafer!



6. How she functions on very little sleep (useful):


[Crap question alert!] I've always wanted to know how politicians keep going when they are absolutely knackered and have had very little sleep.


Adrenalin, belief and, in my case, a daily dose of Berrocca Boost!!



7. And finally, the Ultimate Hair Question:


Nicola, please weigh into the Ultimate Hair Question that our other election web chatees have addressed. Tristam Hunt suggested the secret to good hair was washing it at night.
Nicky Morgan and Yvette Cooper robustly disagreed and said first thing was far more preferable.

1. Evening or morning?
2. Any other hair tips for a busy working woman.


Lovely name, BA!!
I'm a first thing in the morning, in the shower, kind of girl - for hair washing purposes!!



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