Mumsnet pre-election poll results: 15 April 2010


If the 2010 General Election is going to be, as every media pundit has it, the so-called 'Mumsnet Election' we thought it might be a tad useful to track how you're thinking of voting - and whether it changes as the campaign hots up - and your reaction to key issues as they arise on the election trail. 

On Thursday 15 April, we carried out a third poll immediately following the first TV debate with the party leaders on ITV. The results were as follows: 


mumsnet election poll 3

Results based on 624 survey respondents

Clegg's performance wins the night

The clear 'winner' in terms of performance on the night was Nick Clegg - a whopping 74% of Mumsnetters thought he'd given the best performance of the debate. That contrasts with 17.7% for Gordon Brown and just 8.3% for David Cameron. 62% said they were now more likely to vote for the Lib Dems based on Clegg's performance, while 43% said they were less likely to vote for David Cameron after his appearance.


Swing to the Liberal Democrats

swing chart 2

Nick Clegg's performance in the Leaders' Debate had a massive effect on Mumsnetters' voting intentions. Following a dip in popularity after our second poll, the Liberal Democrats saw a surge in popularity with 44.8% saying they're now intending to vote Lib Dem up from 22.7% in our last poll. Clegg's personal popularity also saw an increase; last month just 13.5% of Mumsnetters thought he'd make a good leader - that's now risen to 33.1%.


Previous poll results

Mumsnet carried out an initial election poll* on 1 February 2010. You can see the results of that poll here. We then followed that with a second poll after the Budget on 24 March 2010. 

* The Mumsnet election surveys are only open to Mumsnetters who have been registered members since before 1 February 2010. Participants who do not meet this criteria will not have their answers included in the survey analysis. 



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