Mumsnet pre-election poll results


When media pundits first dubbed the 2010 General Election the 'Mumsnet Election', we thought it might be useful to track how you were thinking of voting and your reaction to key issues as they arose on the election trail. Thanks to everybody who has taken part in our five pre-election polls. Here are the results of the most recent.

29 April poll results

We opened our fifth and final poll immediately following the third TV leaders' debate on the BBC. The results were as follows:

Election poll#5

Results based on 960 survey respondents


Mumsnetters' voting intentions after our final survey

Swing chart #4

So our final poll has closed, and by a large majority the Mumsnetters who responded intend to vote for the Lib Dems (43%), although this is slightly down from the high of 50% in our previous poll. In second place are Labour with 26% (up from 20% last week) leaving the Conservatives in third place with 22%, but up 4% on our previous poll results.

Most Mumsnetters (40%) thought Nick Clegg gave the best performance in the final televised leaders' debate, while 31% voted for Gordon Brown and 29% for David Cameron.

In terms of who you think will make the best Prime Minister, more Mumsnetters now favour David Cameron, up from 17.1% to 23.3%, while Nick Clegg has slipped from 39.7% to 33% and Gordon Brown's ranking is almost unchanged at 26.9% (27.3% in our last poll).

So we wait with interest to see how Mumsnetters' voting intentions tally or differ from the actual results of election 2010 when they finally come in.

22 April poll results

We carried out our fourth poll immediately following the second TV debate with the party leaders on ITV. The results were as follows: 


Election poll #4

Results based on 611 survey respondents

Swing to the Liberal Democrats

Swing chart #3

Nick Clegg's performance in the first Leaders' Debate had a marked effect on Mumsnetters' voting intentions, which he's managed to hold on to and build on following the second debate. Before the debates just 22.7% of Mumsnetters were intending to vote Lib Dem. Following the first debate that had jumped to 44.8% and now stands at 50.3%. 

When we first polled Mumsnetters on 1 February, 15.1% said they thought Nick Clegg would make the best leader. That has now risen to 39.7% following the two televised debates. By contrast Cameron's standing has fallen from a high of 29.5% following the budget to the current figure of just 17.1% who think he has the greatest leadership potential. 


Tracking our poll results

If you'd like to compare and contrast how the parties and party leaders have fared over the five polls - see our Mumsnet election poll round-up page

* The Mumsnet election surveys are only open to Mumsnetters who have been registered members since before 1 February 2010. Participants who do not meet this criteria will not have their answers included in the survey analysis. 


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