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Mumsnet publishes Mums' Manifesto

[Published 1 April 2010 this was our April Fool]

After months of being courted by the country's leading politicians, we've decided to publish our own Mumsnet Manifesto, covering the key areas of policy Mumsnet would like to see adopted by the main political parties.

"Mumsnetters are not shy about voicing their opinions of the three main parties' policies," explained Mumsnet CEO Justine Roberts, "and though we feel we've had some success in tweaking family policy, there are many more changes Mumsnetters would like to see. So we thought we'd publish our own "Mumifesto". It's too late for us to field candidates but I could see that, next time round, we may even put some Mumsnetters forward under an MNP banner."

Mumsnet Manifesto - Key proposals


  • A full years' paid maternity leave, at 90% pay, to be shared between parents
  • Commitment to index-linked annual increases in child tax credits and child benefit
  • Childcare costs to be fully tax deductible
  • Extend the right to request to a right to demand flexible working hours


  • Guaranteed place for your child at a local state school of your choice
  • Abolish college tuition fees
  • Compulsory grammar lessons at primary and secondary level


  • On-the-spot fines for those who park in parent-and-child parking places when not accompanied by a child under the age of five
  • Parking attendants to be issued guidelines giving greater flexibility over the issuing of parking tickets when the parent of an infant is involved
  • Railway 'Friends and family' discount travelcard to be issued free to families with children under the age of 18
  • Commitment to provide a minimum of four dedicated buggy spaces on buses and Tube carriages


  • Guaranteed one-to-one midwife care during labour
  • Phasing out of all mixed-sex hospital wards
  • Introduction of restrictions on vending machines stocking Fruit Shoots in public buildings, including schools and hospitals.

For further details contact Justine Roberts at campaigns@mumsnet.com 

Last updated: over 3 years ago