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We've waded through the manifesto, so you don't have to. If we've missed something glaringly obvious, let us know

green party logoFamily

  • Introduce one month's parental leave following birth or adoption for both parents, with a further 22 months of paid leave – paid at 90% of pay - which can be shared between both parents
  • Increase child benefit by £20/week.


  • Increase in taxes, bringing revenue up to 40% of GDP. Reintroduce the 10% tax band and the 22p basic rate. Increase corporation tax to 30% (but reduce it to 20% for small companies)
  • Raise the Capital Gains Tax rate from 18% to the recipient’s highest income tax rate
  • Add an additional top band to the Council Tax
  • Abolish tax relief on pension contributions
  • Abolish the upper limit for National Insurance contributions
  • Increase inheritance tax to 65% on amounts above the current £325,000 threshold
  • Gradually increase alcohol and cigarette taxes by 50%.

Early years

  • Extend early years education so academic education begins at six rather than five
  • Expand pre-school childcare provision
  • Spend £1bn/year improving Sure Start


  • Abolish SATs and league tables
  • Move gradually to smaller class sizes by spending a further £500 million on 15,000 more teachers to get classes down to an average of 20 pupils by the end of the Parliament.
  • Introduce youth schools open to children from age of 14 for vocational learning
  • Remove charitable tax status for grammar and private schools and phase out City Academies.
  • Free school meals for all.
  • Phase in the abolition of college tuition fees
  • Scrap national curriculum and replace with set of 'learning entitlements'
Government pressure to get women back to work as soon as possible leaves little or even no time for family life. We shouldn't devalue the choice of mums and dads who want to stay at home. Greens would do this through properly recognising the value of parenting. Mothers need to be able to make their own decisions about when, and whether, they go back to work after having a child. If they do, we want to improve protection against unfair dismissal. Fairness in maternity and paternity rights is something that has to be fought for.


  • Introduce quotas to ensure that boards of major companies are at least 40% female within five years.
  • All medium to large companies to carry out equal pay audits and redress inequalities uncovered
  • Non-means-tested citizen's pension set at the rate of the official poverty line - currently £170 per week.
  • Increase in the National Minimum Wage to 60% of net national average earnings
  • Introduce a non-means-tested citizen's income scheme, enabling people returning to work to take small, part-time or informal jobs without being penalised by benefit withdrawal


  • A full range of birth options to be available to all women
  • Entitlement to the care of a single midwife throughout maternity and post-natally
  • Abolish the law that requires the consent of two doctors for an abortion
  • Provide right to assisted death
  • Allow appropriately qualified midwives and nurses to perform abortions
  • End mixed-sex wards in hospitals
  • Free basic dental health care for all – plus an end to the fluoridation of water


  • Rape crisis centres and domestic violence centres to be given essential service status whereby they receive guaranteed funding from core budgets
  • Potential for offenders of less serious crime to make reparation in lieu of prosecution
  • Commitment to reduce the prison population and raise age of criminal responsibility to 12
  • Decriminalise cannabis
  • No under-18s to be imprisoned – to be housed instead in secure residential homes


  • Eliminate free carrier bag usage through tax on bags and unnecessary packaging
  • All households to get comprehensive weekly doorstep recycling and compost collections


  • Dismantle the UK's nuclear weapons
  • Non-renewal of Trident
  • Reduction in armed forces
  • Cut subsidies to the arms industry


  • A reduction in the voting age to 16
  • Electoral reform including the introduction of Additional Member System (AMS)
  • A commitment to the decentralisation of government

Technology and transport

  • £3bn to double the size of the UK bus fleet
  • £2bn to subsidise bus fares
  • Bring the railway system back into public ownership
  • £2bn on investment in trains and trams
  • £3bn to subsidise the reduction of UK rail fares by one third
  • No third runway at Heathrow plus introduction of fuel and VAT duty on aviation.
  • Raise fuel duty by 8% a year

Foreign aid

  • Increase the overseas aid budget to 1% of the UK's Gross National Investment (GNI)
  • Cancel the UK's debt for the 52 poorest countries


  • Ban on all animal experimentation
  • Have all worker's rights apply on day one of working and to include part-time and casual workers.
  • Ban on size zero models in fashion
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This feature is intended to be a outline guide to the key policies published by the Green Party. For the full manifesto, see the official Green Party site.


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