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Conservative policies

We've waded through the Conservative manifesto, so you don't have to. But if you feel we've missed something important, let us know

conservatives logoFamily

  • Extend the right to request flexible working to every parent with a child under the age of 18
  • Introduce a new system of flexible parental leave which lets parents share maternity leave
  • End couple penalty in tax credit
  • Recognise marriage and civil partnership in the tax system
  • Cut Child Trust Funds to all but the poorest third of families and families with disabled kids


  • End the couple penalty in the tax credit system
  • Freeze council tax for two years
  • Scrap Labours planned 1% national insurance rise for people earning less than £35k
  • Raise inheritance tax to £1m
  • Introduce flat rate levy on non-doms
"We will make Britain the most family-friendly country in Europe. We will support families in the tax and benefits system, extend flexible working and improve parental leave. We will help parents cope with the commercialisation of childhood and give families more control over their lives. We will support and improve Sure Start, and introduce a new universal health visiting service. We will give targeted help to disadvantaged and dysfunctional families."

Early years

  • Support Sure Start – but will re-focus it to help with neediest families
  • Introduce 4,200 more Sure Start health visitors
  • Support free nursery care for pre-school children, from a range of private and public providers


  • 10,000 extra university places
  • Introduce an early repayment bonus on student loans
  • Raise entry requirements for primary school teachers to a 2:2 degree to qualify for state-funded teacher training.
  • Introduce two new teacher-training programmes to help people switch careers and re-train after serving in armed forces
  • Introduce reading test for six-year-olds
  • Keep Key Stage 2 tests and league tables
  • Allow state schools to offer International Baccalaureate
  • Make it easy for education providers and parents to set up academies
  • Moratorium on the closure of special schools and end the bias towards the inclusion of children with special needs in mainstream schools


  • A one year public sector pay freeze in 2011 excluding 1m lowest paid workers
  • Public sector pensions over £50k to be capped
  • Freeze on government ICT spending
  • Tighter control of public sector recruitment
  • New companies set up in first 2 years of a Conservative administration won't pay any Employer's NI contributions on first ten employees hired during its first year.
  • Cut the main rate of Corporation Tax
  • Cut the Small Companies Corporation Tax rate
  • Reassess all claimants of incapacity benefit and launch a service academy for pre-employment training
  • Long term benefit claimants will have to join community work projects or forfeit benefits
  • Introduce a levy on banks


  • Power to choose any healthcare provider that meets NHS standards, within NHS prices
  • Cut the cost of NHS administration by a third and transfer resources to support doctors and nurses on the frontline
  • Stop the forced closure of A&E and maternity wards
  • Tie newly-qualified dentists into the NHS for five years and allow dentists to fine people who consistently miss appointments
  • Give every five year old a dental check-up


  • Allow councils and the police to shut down permanently any shop or bar found persistently selling alcohol to children
  • Double the maximum fine for under-age alcohol sales to £20,000
  • Raise taxes on those drinks linked to antisocial drinking
  • Introduce early intervention measures, including grounding orders, to allow the police to use instant sanctions to deal with anti-social behaviour without criminalising young people
  • Change the law to protect anyone acting reasonably to stop a crime or apprehend a criminal from prosecution and give householders greater legal protection if they have to defend themselves against intruders in their homes
  • Create up to fifteen new rape crisis centres and ringfence funding to existing rape crisis centres
  • Increase prison capacity to end early release of prisoners


  • Every household to be offered £6,500 worth of home insulation improvements with more for hard-to-treat homes
  • Establish at least two Marine Energy Parks
  • Up to £6,500 worth of energy improvement measures for every home – with more for hard-to-treat homes
  • Reward people who recycle and scrap plans for new bin taxes on families


  • Double operational bonus
  • Would replace Trident
  • Provide university and further education scholarships for the children of servicemen and women killed while on active duty backdated to 1990


  • Introduce a power of 'recall' to allow electors to kick out MPs with proven serious wrongdoing
  • Cut ministers' pay by 5%
  • Reduce MP numbers by 10%
  • Introduce an across-the-board cap on donations to political parties
  • Ban ex-Ministers from lobbying government for two years after leaving office
  • Ensure ex-Ministers have to seek advice on the business posts they take up for ten years after leaving office
  • Give the public the power to table bills based on petitions with more than 100,000 signatures
  • Increased transparency of cost of government contracts and pay and expenses claimed by senior ministers and civil servants
  • No plans to reform voting process, bar boundary and constituency size reform 

Technology and transport 

  • Use private sector investment to ensure 100mbps broadband using current phone company assets
  • Build high-speed rail line connecting Heathrow, London, Birmingham, Manchester and Leeds
  • Cancel third runway at Heathrow or extra runaways at Stanstead or Gatwick

Foreign aid

  • Agree to UN target of spending 0.7% of national income as aid by 2013
  • Spend £500 million a year on tackling malaria 


  • Forced equal pay audits on any company found discriminating on basis of gender
  • People's Bank bonus - opportunity for people to buy a stake when government sells its bank holdings
  • Introduce a national citizen service programme for 16-year-olds
  • Any company breaking rules over marketing to children can't bid for a government contract for three years
  • Ban on peer-to-peer marketing aimed at children
  • Scrap ID cards and the National Identity Register
  • Replace the Human Rights Act with a UK Bill of Rights
  • Give Parliament the opportunity to repeal the Hunting Act on a free vote


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This is intended as an outline guide to the key policies published by the Conservatives. For the full manifesto, see the official Conservative Party site.




Last updated: about 3 years ago