Budget 2011: key points

budget 2011

The key points from George Osborne's March 2011 Budget speech.


  • Personal tax allowance to rise by £630 to £8,105 in April 2012 - a real increase of £48 a year, or £126 in cash terms.
  • 50% tax rate to be a temporary measure.
  • Consultation on long-term plan to merge income tax and National Insurance
  • Corporation tax to be cut by 2% from April and 1% in each of the following three years
  • Charge on non-domiciled taxpayers to increase from £30,000 for those here for seven years to £50,000 for those in the country for 12 year
  • Rate relief holiday for small businesses extended to October 2012
  • From April 2012, people leaving 10% or more of their estate to charity will enjoy 10% reduction in inheritance tax, benefiting charities by £300m
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Public sector

  • Pay rise of £250 for armed forces, prison, NHS, teachers and civil servants earning under £21,000.
  • Hutton recommendations on public sector pensions accepted. Single-tier flat-rate state pension to be created, expected to be about £140-a-week.


  • Planned air passenger duty rise will be delayed for a year
  • Fuel duty cut by 1p a litre from 6pm today (23 March 2011) and 1p per litre petrol planned rise in duty delayed for a year


  • Funding for 24 new university technical colleges for vocational training (up from 12) 
  • 100,00 work experience placements over two years. 10,000 more apprenticeships totalling 250,000 apprenticeships over next four years


  • £350m worth of regulation on businesses will be removed.
  • Relief for entrepreneur tax to be doubled to £10m.
  • Entrepreneurs relief scheme to be doubled to £10m from 6 April 2011.
  • Small business rate relief holiday extended by one year to October 2012 at a cost of £370m.
  • 21 new enterprise zones to be funded, including in Manchester, Birmingham and London. Ten others to be named in the summer.
  • Income tax relief on enterprise investment scheme to increase from 20% to 30%.
  • Small companies' research and development tax credit will rise to 200% in April and 225% in 2012.


  • Government to invest £200m in regional railways.
  • £100m fund towards helping councils repair potholes.

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