AIBU? podcast episode 9: the one with Andi Oliver

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Work yourself up into a righteous rage with episode nine of our AIBU? podcast, hosted by Lucy Porter and Aasmah Mir. Warning: includes content of a sexual nature – not one for listening to with the DCs.

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This week’s episode begins with a very indecent proposal as posters channel Demi Moore and ask 'Would you sleep with someone for a million pounds?' Financially astute Aasmah immediately asks ‘Is that after tax?’ Glad someone's thinking of the important stuff.

But never mind a million quid – if you’ve ever been tempted in return for a cup of tea, you’ll be pleased to hear you're not alone.

Elsewhere on the Talk boards, the question on everyone's keyboards was 'AIBU to ask what the secret of your trade is?' Prepare to be shocked, appalled and a little impressed by the confessions of teachers, strippers and especially those who are brave enough to work with the public. Who knew that seven-inch stripper heels could be comfier than normal heels? Or that the way to get into the good books of your DC’s teacher is definitely not to provide delicious homemade treats? And you’ll never look at a rollercoaster, rice from a restaurant or a library loo in the same way again, trust us.

Lucy also discovers a dream job that she never knew she wanted: throwing frozen turkey at aeroplanes.

This week's guest and A-list adjudicator is chef, writer and presenter Andi Oliver, who readily admits she rules with an iron fist – and not just when dispensing verdicts on users’ AIBU dilemmas. Strong opinions must run in the family as there are three particular things her mum refuses to believe in: the menopause, the gym and estate agents. And lastly, don't miss Andi’s revealing glimpse into how Prince Charles likes to party. Cue 'weird' music!

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