AIBU? podcast episode 8: the one with Nick Helm

Work yourself up into a righteous rage with episode 8 of our AIBU? podcast, hosted by Lucy Porter and Aasmah Mir. Warning: sweary episode incoming – not one for listening with the DCs

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This week Lucy and Aasmah deconstruct more classic AIBUs, starting off with “AIBU to ask for your hilariously crap excuses?” Props to the guy who went AWOL from work for two weeks, came back in with a tan, and claimed to have been locked into his house by an errant flatmate; we're also tipping our hats to the employee who claimed to have had an urgent operation and, when asked why the ring tone had identified her as being in a foreign country, insisted that the post-operative pain had been so bad that she’d been forced to fly to Amsterdam to get stoned.

hamster excuse late

We also return joyfully to household appliances that are twats and ponder over whether laundry-related tasks underlie most of the world’s problems.

And our Celebrity A-List Adjudicator is the comedian Nick Helm, in whom we FINALLY have a guest who takes the quick-fire AIBU round with an appropriate degree of seriousness.

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