AIBU? podcast episode 7: the one with Angela Barnes

angry baby

Work yourself up into a righteous rage with episode 7 of our AIBU? podcast, hosted by Lucy Porter and Aasmah Mir, in which we get 'a terrifying insight into the general public'.

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This week, we revisit more classic AIBU?s, beginning with the best AIBU thread of all time (this isn't opinion, it's actual fact). Yes, it's the timeless zinger, 'If my three-year-old had access to AIBU', in which the aforementioned three-year-old explains, ‘my mother is, by nature, a difficult woman’ and goes on to accuse her of pear-based misdemeanours. As Lucy says, 'it’s funny how many arguments toddlers can have about fruit'.

angry man

We also make a joyful return to some delightfully deranged reviews on TripAdvisor, where dyspeptic travellers complain about the sizes of penguins, ‘freaky-looking’ turtles, and the antiquity of the buildings in Rome. And our Celebrity A-List Adjudicator is writer and comedian Angela Barnes, who dispenses swift and merciless judgement on a series of AIBU? posers while dealing with a (gasp!) puppy. Clearly, a woman to be reckoned with.

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