AIBU? podcast episode 6: the one with Grainne McGuire

Lucy Porter and Aasmah Mir

“He ended up in hospital. It was the happiest day of his life.”

Work yourself up into a righteous rage with episode 6 of our AIBU? podcast, hosted by Lucy Porter and Aasmah Mir.

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This week, we’re romping through a couple of classic AIBUs, kicking off with the dreaded ill-voice that some partners adopt when mildly unwell. Enjoy the sound of Aasmah’s DH’s ill-noise, and nod thoughtfully at Lucy’s proposal for an actual paid-for man-hospital where DHs with non-serious viruses can recline comfortably while being told they are very brave and handsome. * pauses to compose business plan *

Also under the microscope is possibly the greatest AIBU Bridezilla thread of all time, which culminated in millions across the country chanting “CANCEL THE CHEQUE” while lighting burning torches (probably).

All this and Celebrity A-List Adjudicator Grainne McGuire to boot. YWBVU to ask for more.

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