AIBU? podcast episode 5: the one with Lou Sanders

Lucy Porter and Aasmah Mir

'You're never going to get it in at that angle'

Work yourself up into a righteous rage with episode five of our AIBU? podcast with super-hosts Lucy Porter and Aasmah Mir.

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This week, we're asking whether it's unreasonable to come up with phrases that work both in a traffic jam and during sex. Predictably enough, we start with 'Are we nearly there yet?' 'I'm going to need to take the dog out for a walk because he's getting restless' is one of the more worrying, although tbh there was some stiff competition.

couple in car

Celebrity A-list adjudicator Lou Sanders – a woman who’s never had to deal with a woggle – is baffled by the idea of a paid badge-sewing service, but strongly agrees that it’s reasonable to ask what the fuck is going on in the flat upstairs.

And we discuss spirit animals in the most literal way possible, from Mumsnetters who strongly identify with pot-bellied pigs to the one who describes herself as 'A fat riding school mare that bites the children and pins her ears back at every request, but occasionally puts in a brilliant gymkhana performance'. We can tell you've thought about this, anonymous Mumsnet user.

pigs in party hats

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