AIBU? podcast episode 4: the one with James Acaster

Lucy Porter and Aasmah Mir

Is it reasonable to ask how chickens poo? How about asking 200 times in the space of an hour, with a short break for a tantrum?

Turn on, tune in and grab a cuppa while you feast your, err, ears on episode four of our AIBU? podcast with super hosts Lucy Porter and Aasmah Mir.

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boy at window

This week, we’re asking whether it’s unreasonable of your children to ask incredibly weird questions. The child who politely inquired “Why do our windows taste different today?” is a particular highlight.

Celebrity A-list adjudicator James Acaster wrestles with the phonetic pronunciation of 'AIBU' (ayboo! eyeboo!) while refusing to offer a free wedding planning service to Mumsnet users. Rude. He also defends his mutant GBBO flapjacks, in the face of Aasmah's assertion that “when you cook something, people should be able to tell what it is by looking at it.”

james acaster

And we dive into the topic of incredibly unreasonable bosses, leading to revelations about coked up managers, the office where workers are allowed only one biro at a time, and the passive-aggressive fridge note that led someone to scrawl 'Fuck you, Linda' at the bottom.

grimacing man

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