AIBU? podcast episode 19: the one with Viv Groskop

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“Funniest moment of childbirth? Seems like a contradiction in terms”

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What's this episode about?

At the end of the day, when all’s said and done, AIBU? Podcast hosts Lucy Porter and Aasmah Mir begin by discussing clichés.

They’re inspired by a poster whose office banned normal English in favour of empty phrases – no meetings, just a ‘cascade’, ‘reaching out’ instead of just talking, as well as ‘parking’ ideas. Aasmah knows just where she wants to park this particular policy!

office speak

The thread is an emotional rollercoaster… a journey, if you will. Big questions are asked. What are clichés? Why are they so darn popular? And why do dads like to say “he’s playing devil’s avocado”?

Lucy and Aasmah are far from innocent parties. Aasmah somewhat undermines her rant about how much she hates people starting their sentences with ‘so’ by starting her point with that very same word. Lucy only discovered how utterly irritating her use of clichés was when her children started parroting ‘d’ya know’ and ‘to be fair’. It’s definitely not fair, if you ask us <stamps foot>.

Their regular visit to the Classics Talk topic uncovers the funniest moments of childbirth (yes, really). One poor midwife asked a Mumsnet poster to rate her pain out of 10 periodically. “I said nine”, she explains. “She rushed over to give me Entonox. I was actually telling my husband the missing number in his Sudoku”.


Plus, discover why A-list adjudicator Viv Groskop says it’s perfectly reasonable to think about locking children up where they can’t be seen or heard (as long as there is air – she’s not heartless) and another equally important issue – whether or not to boycott wrapping paper! And Lucy reveals who she really thinks are wankers.

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