AIBU? podcast episode 18: the one with Andi Osho

AIBU? podcast

Have you ever changed all the photos in your house to pictures of your husband’s celebrity nemesis? Discover other small acts of revenge with superhosts Lucy and Aasmah (content warning: some swearing, and not for Lucy’s husband's ears).

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We kick off this episode with a discussion about little acts of rebellion – the petty things you do to annoy, let’s be honest, mostly your husbands. In what other circumstances would one item incorporate Phil Mitchell, Cardi B, spiders, travelators and workplace poos?

man photo

Our regular dive into Mumsnet Classics brings tales of malapropisms from mothers-in-law – featuring picnic hamsters, cars being 'pranged by bollocks', and how to 'choose a lovely climbing clitoris for a shady spot in your garden'. AHEM.


A-list Adjudicator Andi Osho passes judgement on Canada (no. Wait! Yes), the incarceration of hamsters (let them roam free), and going for a walk (no). And Lucy and Aasmah have a heated debate about a truly contentious topic: do you now, or have you ever, failed to uphold the legend of Santa?

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