AIBU? podcast episode 17: the one with Sindhu Vee

AIBU? podcast

Do you nurse a secret grudge against the Queen Bee from your Reception class? Have you ever cringed yourself inside-out over a bridal couple’s first dance? How many cloves of garlic is too many? Find out in the new episode of the AIBU? podcast with superhosts Lucy and Aasmah (content warning: sweary).

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We kick off this episode with some epic accounts of petty grievances nursed carefully for years and (in many cases) several decades. Primary school birthday parties feature heavily, with particular infamy reserved for the class Queen Bee who stole the birthday girl’s golden birthday crown <cat’s bum mouth>. But overall, it turns out the person whose actions will cause you a lifelong sense of deep grievance is most likely to be your own sister.

grumpy girl

Our regular dive into Mumsnet Classics brings tales of cringey weddings, including new wives being called by ex-wives’ names, formation dancing and the classic dove-release manoeuvre. Lucy also relives bad memories of her accidentally-burlesque wedding dress before Aasmah joins her in genuinely stunning impromptu renditions of Endless Love and I Will Always Love You.


A-list Adjudicator Sindhu Vee wrestles some random AIBUs into complete submission (and in the process coins the adage ‘if you can find it, pierce it’), and we finish with a quick drive-by assessment of which smells are OK to emit in public, and which are not [Lynx].

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