AIBU? podcast episode 16: the one with Anneka Rice

AIBU? podcast

In this episode we explore the psyche of the world’s greatest lover - yes, it can only be... ‘Penetration’ man! Plus if you’ve ever complained about the cherries in a Cherry Bakewell being in the wrong place, you’ve found your people. It’s episode 16 of the AIBU? Podcast with hosts Lucy Porter and Aasmah Mir (CONTENT WARNING: sexual references - not for tender ears)

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We kick off this episode with a discussion of the most ridiculous complaint Mumsnet users have ever received. We begin with the tourist in Cornwall who complained about the wet sand, moving on to parents complaining about teachers… well, being alive and doing things, really (from eating in McDonald’s to wearing a swimming costume at the swimming pool).

sand complain

In this week’s dive into the Mumsnet Classics section, we consider the shallowest reasons you’ve ever had for ending relationships, kicking off with the Mumsnet user who just couldn’t tolerate her date whispering the word ‘penetration’. To be fair, this is an entirely fit and proper reason to dump someone.

whisper ear

Superstar helicopter botherer and Strictly contestant Anneka Rice is this episode’s A-list Adjudicator, taking all queries with appropriate seriousness and dispensing common sense advice. Frankly we’d quite like her to move in.

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