AIBU? podcast episode 15: the one with Brummy Mummy of Two

AIBU? podcast

Is it unreasonable to be terrified by Mr Tickle? What about being frightened of eggs? And, most vitally, what’s the etiquette for dealing with unexpected public shagging? It’s episode 15 of the AIBU? podcast with hosts Lucy Porter and Aasmah Mir

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We kick off this episode with a list of all the things Mumsnet users found terrifying when they were children – a list that turns out to be rather long and features pretty much everything from the MGM lion to spontaneous human combustion. One MNer wins with her tale of being terrified by the World of Sport teleprinter, causing some difficulties for her dad who had to try to fill in his football pools coupon over her wailing and screaming. As Aasmah says, “How did we ever function in the real world?”

scared tv

We then turn to ‘odd things people have done when you visited their house’, another extremely rich seam of human oddity. From the dinner party hosts who had a table setting, highchair and bib for their spaniel, to the eternal worry about whether you’re allowed to keep your shoes on, it really does make you worry for the future of humankind – and that’s before you get to the sudden shagging and threesome/foursome/whatever-some suggestions.

dog napkin

Blogger Emma Conway (Brummy Mummy of Two) is this episode’s A-list adjudicator, ruling firmly that anything fence-related is inherently unreasonable (we can’t argue with that tbh). However, she maintains that it’s never unreasonable to give a peace offering – though it’s also fine to hold a silent grudge for the rest of your life.

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