AIBU? podcast episode 14: the one with Robyn Wilder

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Is it reasonable to become an amateur dentist? Or to flash Lenny Henry? Find out in episode 14 of the AIBU? podcast with hosts Lucy Porter and Aasmah Mir. Listening discretion advised as contains lots of accidental (yet hilaire) exhibitionism

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It’s confession time in episode 14 as Lucy reveals she once flashed Lenny Henry – not on purpose, you understand. And she’s not the only one to have experienced a spot of accidental exhibitionism.

Wrap dresses, togas and forgetting-to-button-up-after-breastfeeding moments all feature. Why oh why does this semi indecent exposure always seem to happen in front of neighbours, delivery people and barely-known former colleagues? Or, in the case of one unlucky poster, a hotel car park full of fellow travellers? Cringe for her as she discovered the frosted floor to ceiling glass in her hotel bathroom wasn’t opaque as she’d been promised by staff – a discovery she made after her lengthy shower.

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Lucy and Aasmah also come close to falling out as they trawl through the strangest arguments Mumsnet users have overheard. Both know the number of towels that are necessary (four for men, 40 for women) and a car can fit three people across the back, hence having three seatbelts, but when it comes to the correct colour for salt and vinegar crisp packets they can’t agree. Lucy says blue, Aasmah says green. So who is right?

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Journalist Robyn Wilder is this episode’s A-list adjudicator and rules quite reasonably indeed on issues, including removing your own teeth. Anyone else up for a bit of amateur dentistry? And she explains why you shouldn’t prefer salad cream to mayo when the former has ‘evil’ as one of its ingredients. Mmmm, tasty!

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