AIBU? podcast episode 13: the one with Olivia Lee

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Work yourself up into a righteous rage with episode 13 of our AIBU? podcast, hosted by Lucy Porter and Aasmah Mir.

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In episode 13, Lucy and Aasmah rear up in horror at some of the most spectacular tales of online snooping fails you will ever hear. Highlights include the unguarded toddler who managed to post thousands of ‘angry’ and ‘crying’ stickers on the Facebook wedding photos of his mother’s ex-boyfriend, leading to a visit from the police. Let’s all just step away from the internet now, shall we?

child laptop

We also spend some time walking slightly too closely behind other people on the street in order to overhear their conversations – leading to gems such as ‘…and don’t think you’ll be borrowing my Henry the Hoover again!’ and, ‘…and then he got his penis out, and I thought: Good on you!’

overheard phonecall eavesdrop

A-List Adjudicator and voice of reason Olivia Lee drags the tone down by defending the practices of doing the school run in pyjamas, tying up your hair with a pair of knickers and peeing in a glass by the bed. So that’s all fine.

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