Say hello to our new AIBU? podcast

15 March 2019

We’re extremely chuffed to unveil our new AIBU? podcast, celebrating the very best bits of the most unreasonable forum in the world

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Taking inspiration from AIBU?’s trademark mix of social dilemmas, intensive discussion about how often to change your bra, and disagreement for the sake of it, each episode features broadcasting legends Lucy Porter and Aasmah Mir discussing posts from the AIBU? board and attempting to come to sensible conclusions. Celebrity guests – including Mark Dolan, Johnny Ball, Tim Dowling and Ed Byrne – join in to pass judgement on a series of quickfire AIBU?s.

To celebrate, we blocked Lucy and Aasmah on their drives and demanded that they answer some intrusive questions.

What's the most unreasonable thing that's happened to you recently?

Lucy: This morning I got out my best shoes to wear to work tonight. When I was leaving the house I picked them up and realised one of the cats had done a massive wee all over them. I guess my AIBU would have been ‘Am I being unreasonable to wear the cat wee shoes anyway, and hope no one else notices the smell?’ It’s too late now because that’s exactly what I did. I can report that people did notice the smell, and I will now have to throw away the shoes, my tights, and possibly even my feet as well.

Aasmah: World Book Day. No, actually somebody has left a massive poo on the pavement outside our house and I can’t help but take it personally. I am hoping it was a dog.

Lucy Porter and Aasmah Mir

What's your favourite recurring AIBU topic?

Aasmah: Children's party etiquette. I always get it wrong. My present is always too big or too small. We arrive too late or too early. My daughter eats all the food or says it’s rubbish. Loudly.

Lucy: I’m obsessed with parking and I love a diagram, so those threads are particularly good value for me. If there’s a penguin bollard involved, I’m delighted.

If you had a big hedge in your back garden and became aware a couple were having sex in it, what would you do?

Lucy: I remember this thread but don’t recall if there was ever a satisfactory resolution. It did look like a very thick and luxuriant hedge. I think I’d be flattered that they’d developed such a fondness for my greenery and say nothing. We’ve just got a couple of pots of geraniums outside the front door, and if anyone wants to come and have a dabble behind those, they’re more than welcome.

Aasmah: Spray it with bleach?

Have you ever charged a family member for Christmas dinner?

Aasmah: Whaaaat? Who does that? Luckily I avoid the whole Christmas dinner thing cos I am Muslim.

Lucy: No, but I fully intend to start doing so. I’m just furious about all the Christmas dinners I’ve failed to monetise so far in my life.

What's your favourite Mumsnet thread?

Aasmah: It’s got to be the one about the woman whose partner put his willy in a glass of water after sex. No contest.

Lucy: Penis beaker has (deservedly) attained legendary status, but I was also very fond of the wank mitten.

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